Sunday, May 24, 2015

Femme Fatale Gravity Lapse Swatch

Hello all! 

I'm so excited!!! Can you guess why??

I finally got my very first HOLO polish!!! 

*insert heart eyed emoticon* 

I am totally in love with holo polishes but sadly enough they're no holo polishes sold in Malaysia or none that i have seen anyway. In this case, I need to stocked up on Glisten & Glow HK Girl from MeiMeiSignature so, I decided to get a holo while I was at it! There were quite a few shades that I liked but budget wise, I could only pick one and lookie who made the cut! 

Femme Fatale's Gravity Lapse! 

I've been following their insta for quite some time now cause their polishes are so prettyyyyy but this is the first time I've gotten a bottle for myself. could say this is a double win for me! =D 

Anyways, here are the pics! (So hard to take pic of holo) 

I should take a video in future to show the beauty of the holo! 

Time lapse is a mesmerising purple holo polish but saying that it's just purple is an understatement since the shade changes in different light and angles. You can have pure purple shimmer, gradients of violet in the sun, a sunset shade of orange and red with a tibge of black shimmer...I can hardly explain the beauty of this shade. 

I can only say one thing about this is seriously beautiful! Good work Femme Fatale! 

Look forward to some nail art with this baby! =D 

That's it for this post! Cheers! 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

I Spy A Fingerprint!

Hey guys! 


For the first time in forever~~~ I won tickets to a movie premiere!! Thanks to The Salad Show and Dan Khoo, me and my friends got the chance to watch 'Spy' staring Melissa Mccarthy, Jason Statham & Jude Law!

I was hooked on the movie after watching the trailer which was hilarious! The full movie is even better!! Trust me on this! XD 

For the event, i decided on fingerprint nails since it was a spy show and all...although fingerprints are leaning more towards 

Colours used :

Base coat - Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener 
White - OPI Alpine Snow 
Black - The Faceshop 
Red - OPI Big Apple Red 
Stamper - Faburnails
Design - Bundle Monster BM-414
Top Coat - Glisten & Glow HK Girl 

If you couldn't tell, the red represents blood. Hahaha! 

That's it for this post! 
I shall leave you with some photos of us from that night! 

Photo credits to Elle 

Me & Dan Khoo of Dan Khoo Productions
(After work tired face...gahhhh)

Elle with stars of The Salad Show

 Me & le boy! ♡

The movie is out in Malaysian cinemas TONIGHT! Go book your tickets now!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nail Biter's Corner #6 - Is Nail Biting A Sign Of Perfectionism?

Hi everyone! 

(Source: Elite Daily)

I recently came across this article by Gillian Fuller on Elite Daily - Nail Biting Isn't Actually A Bad Habit, It's A Sign Of Perfectionism 

As a former nail biter, it does make sense when you sit down and think about the situations when you actually do bite your nails. Of course this only applies to some people as well as different situations. Everything is very circumstantial really. 

I started doing it out of stress and that was when I was a little girl - what did I know about stress back then? Being born into a typical asian family, studies was always a main reason for doing it. Can't get the right answer to the workbook questions? Obviously, biting your nails would help you think better. 

It wasn't until I was a teenager that I decided biting my nails were just disgusting but it didn't really stop my need for stress relief. So, instead of biting the things, I started peeling them. I would start by making a nick at the side and work my way across. It got so bad that the nails on my pointer fingers were always slanted...ALWAYS...

Getting back to the topic at hand, was it really a signal of perfectionism? I mean it does make sense in a way that if I didn't get it right or it didn't go my way then I would start doing it but then again...a habit could just be a habit...

In my opinion, it could be both a bad habit and a sign of perfectionism but it is never good to keep feeding a bad habit. I am thankful that I managed to stop and I wished that I stopped much earlier than I did. Even now, I tend to move my fingers that would imitate the motion when I'm thinking but I don't peel them nor do I bite them anymore. 

I do however peel my nail polish off when I'm extremely stressed but I find that so much better. Besides, I changed my nail polish so often it isn't really a problem for me. Could this be a manifestation or evolution of my sign of perfectionism? Who knows? Maybe? 

What are your thoughts on the article? Let me know! 

That's it for this post!