Friday, July 7, 2017

Two Years Later

Hello everyone, long time no see. 

It's been close to two years since my previous blog post and I think it's about time you guys know what's been happening in my life. If you don't want the TLDR version then I'll leave the main point right here, if you do then do read beyond the points. 

1. I quit my job as a social media manager at a marketing firm although I really liked my job due to ethical reasons. 

2. I started a door-to-door mani pedi spa service based in the klang valley called CRNailz the month after the previous blog post.

3. I promoted CRNailz by participating in bazaars and bought ads on social media. 

4. CRNailz became a reseller for Ella Mila 7-free nail polish ( I think I'm the only one in Malaysia)

5. I started learning how to apply gel and learnt Japanese nail art techniques through seminars by Japanese senseis brought in by Haru Global Beauty in Publika. 

6. He proposed to me. I said yes. We got married. (No, it was not a shotgun wedding. There was a year gap in between the proposal and the signing and another year 8 months to go for the Chinese ceremony)

7. I seldom participate in bazaars now because I have more customers. 


Those were the main highlights of my two year absence on blogspot. I actually do not know what else is there to elaborate on (this coming from the girl that crapped through her written assignments in uni). 

The reason why I'm explaining all of this now is because I will be converting the blogspot into a domain where I can accept bookings as well as set up and online store for the ella mila polishes. 

Like many other start ups, I do get less money in the bank (more like I take money out of the bank) since my business is still slowly starting up but I am so much happier compared to before. Never in my life did I think that I would one day be freelancing as a nailist and going for nail art seminars hosted by amazing Japanese senseis such as Yoko Matsuda sensei, Shota Otsuka sensei, & Tomoyuki Oshiro sensei. My life plan when I started working was to work for 5 years, save up my salary to one day get a salon. I found out layer that the corporate world wasn't all happy and rosy. 

I recently had a chat with a friend of mine and realised that I needed to focus my efforts on a single style, a single design that could be my identity in the nail art world. I mean, I could be an all rounder which all nailists are but looking at the senseis and their specialities made me think, "What defines my nail art?". Which got me thinking and it hit me...I've always loved gradients and ombres! I've done so many using normal polish but not a lot with gel. Why? Because I suck at gel gradients...for now. I've got an idea in mind but I'll leave that for a different posting. 

For now, my plan is to set up the domain and start updating with my latest nail art endeavors. I'm so excited to share the designs with you guys! If you can't wait for the blogpost (which you shouldn't) then follow my personal instagram at @chronosz and @crnailz for designs I paint on my clients. 

Cheers. Jing.