Saturday, December 31, 2011

HAPPY 2012!

Hello everyone! 
I know I've been MIA for a while but I was feeling kinda under the weather =(

Well anywayz...I managed to whip up something simple for the new years! =)
Check it out!

-under dim sunlight-

-under my table lamp-

-with flash-

The glitter base looks cool under the flash XD
I actually wanted to do something with tape but it was kinda hard to do...
Paint thing a girl with a passion for nail art to have ^^


Till next year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crackle My Love

Sorry that I don't have a new design today but I ran out nail polish remover 
and the store near my place is out of stock =( 

So instead of a new design I give you swatches!! XD


My father got me a bunch of korean brand crackle polishes! =)

Blue Crackle

Red Crackle

Purple Crackle
I used the wrong bottle to pose 

Peach Crackle

Green Crackle

As you can tell I painted the same design 
for the 'A Christmas Story' themed mani.
I totally love the bright yellow and green crackle! =) 


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X'Mas Mani 09 - A Christmas Story

Hi All! XD 
If you were checking the 12 Days of X'Mas checklist you'd know that the next mani on the list is 'A Christmas Story'!
I didn't really know what it meant by 'A Christmas Story' and when I goggled it, this popped out...

I haven't watch this movie before so I had no idea what to paint for this mani =(
So I just mixed and matched colours! =)

Green Crackle over Bright Yellow!! XD
I absolutely LOVE this combo!! 

The lighting was so nice here! =)

Close up on my thumb! 
I wish my thumb nail would grow faster! >< 
Christmas is a long word...=(

The next mani is the last for Christmas...or is it...>=D


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

X'Mas Mani 08 - A Christmas Carol

In my previous post, I mentioned that I had already painted 
'Dickens Christmas Carol' themed nails.


I got the inspiration from the 2009 Disney's A Christmas Carol starring Jim Carrey!

I think the Ghost of Christmas Future is wrong though..=(
Looks more like Assassin Creed to me ><

I tried my best. Nothing else to be done. =)

& Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 26, 2011

X'Mas Mani Fever

After painting Huey Shan's nails that day...
another friend of mine wanted me to paint her nails! XD

I asked her what she wanted me to paint but she had a hard time deciding...
So what do we do? 
Ask Uncle Google!! XD

In the end it was snowflakes, Christmas trees and stars! XD

Sorry I couldn't get a better photo since we did it at night! =P

I took this with my looks sooooo much better right ><
I so need a better digital camera...=(

Oh! 2 more things I need to tell you guys!!
1. I've updated the photos for the 'Snow Love' post.
2. I've already painted 'Dickens Christmas Carol' themed nails.
I shall post it up tomorrow when I take a better photo of them! XD

Till tomorrow! 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

X'Mas Mani 07 - Snow Love

I know I've been slow with updates...><"
I was having a Boys Over Flowers marathon! =P friend Huey you guys remember her?
She was in my first post!
Yeah! This girl! XD

She had a X'Mas Eve wedding to attend and asked me to paint her nails for her! ^^
After a bit of googling we decided on snowflakes and snowmen! =)

She took this photo while I was painting her nails! 
Great composition! =)

Finished product! 
Snowflakes and...

My hand shook when I was painting the thumb so it ended up being a vampire snowman! =P

I had fun painting the snowmen for her so I picked snowmen for the next design! ^^

Ignore my awful cuticles please >< 
I've been looking for a good brand of cuticle oil...
This photo was taken under my reading lamp...
I'll upload a better photo tomorrow...

I just really wanted to make it for Christmas XD

Snow people in love =) 
Didn't really know how to draw a female snow person though =S

Till the next design!

Merry Christmas All! 


P/S: Here's the clearer photo I was talking about earlier! =)
This was taken in sunlight!

Oh! Here's a close up on the middle finger design! =)

Can someone recommend a good brand of cuticle oil?
Uber need it as you can see ><


Friday, December 23, 2011

X'Mas Mani 06 - The Grinch

Ok Ok! Back to X'Mas Manis!

If you checked my 12 Days of X'Mas Mani's Checklist 
then you'd know that the next mani is...

I didn't want to leave any nails blank so I incorporated some of the Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie!

There's Cindy Lou Who, The Grinch of course, the x'mas lights Betty Lou Who was hanging on her house and the x'mas tree from when the Grinch was trying to steal it from Cindy's house! ^^

I also tried out Jane from Nailside's Abstract Tree design! XD
Do check her blog out! She's got really cool designs and tutorials! ^^

Here's a closer look at the design!
Cindy Lou's ribbon smudged =(

Here's a closer look at The Grinch!
Please ignore my horrendous cuticle...=(

The Grinch came out pretty well! 
I think this is the most intricate design I've done so far! =)
Quite proud of myself at the moment! ^^

See you at the next mani!


P/S: Should I list the colours that I've used after each mani? What do you think?

Happy Winter Solstice

Hi Everyone! I know I'm kinda slow with updates now but at least I'm still updating! =P is the WINTER SOLSTICE!!!

As a chinese we celebrate today with dinner with family and tong yuen!! =)
As you all know by now that I like painting my nails according to occasion so...

Ta-da!!! I got the inspiration by the bowls we used for the tong yuen! =)

Oh! You're all probably wondering what 'tong yuen' is rite!! XD
Literally translated it would be...sugar round? mum says sugar balls tho =P

This is tong yuen!! XD Uber yummy~~
And here's the mani that goes with it!

As usual my right hand has posing issues
I tried painting tong yuen but it didn't come out so well ><

I had fun with this mani so...NO REGRETS! XD

This is my fav photo among it all! =)

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hot Follow Up

I don't think I'll be able to finish the 12 Days X'Mas Manis challenge by Christmas Day because of outings but the rules were kinda lax anyway so...

Anywayz...remember in my X'Mas Mani 03 post I mentioned that I attended HOT Magazine's X'Mas Party?! 

Well there were free manicures at the party by the Strips team so I thought I'd share the pretty colour combos!! XD


Base: OPI Russian Navy -discontinued-
Glitter: OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry Collection

Russian Navy is a really beautiful shimmer dark blue polish and 
Last Friday Night blends with it really well! It looks like the starry sky!


Base: OPI Russian Navy -discontinued-
Glitter: OPI Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry Collection

Unlike the previous combo, Teenage Dream pops up instead of blending in which is the whole point of the polish!! XD If they had sponged a layer of white and pink polish after Russian Navy it would have looked like the milky way~ but for now...let's say that the stars are shining extra bright in this mani telling us to follow our dreams! corny i know


Base: OPI Pepe's Purple Passion
Glitter: OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air
-both from The Muppets Collection-

Here's a closer look!

Ah...The muppets pretty...8D
A very interesting combo but it works! I absolutely LOVE Fresh Frog of Bel Air! The green glitter and flakes are just mesmerizing!! A dark base would go perfectly with this polish! ^^

These were my friends nails btw...I didn't do mine cause I already had something on! =D

They let us choose the combos ourselves from the selection they had at the time!

I think my friends did a really GREAT job with the combos!! 

They're all SO PRETTY!!! XD 

I so want the muppets collection!! T_____T 
-X'mas prezzie anyone?-

Simple manis will never run out of style!! Simple in Beautiful! =)
Until the next X'Mas Mani!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

X'Mas Mani 05 - Merry Christmas Jack

Nightmare Before Christmas X'Mas Mani!!

After I finished the mani I was staring at my nails thinking,

"Hmmmmm....they don't look like Jack AT ALL" 

Guess my square-ish nails can't bring out the round-ness of Jacks head! =P
I got the inspiration from a post from tumblr...

Jack Skellington cupcakes? They look like cookies too...=S

They looked really cute!!! =D

Whatever it may be! I have no regrets! =)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

X'Mas Mani 04 - Sparkling Poinsettias

I know I was supposed to paint Nightmare before Christmas themed nails but I have to attend a relatives wedding tonight and skulls don't actually scream congratulations...=(

So instead of Jack Skellington, I opted for another X'Mas Mani!

Christmas Flowers! or Poinsettias!

I actually looked through a lot of photos of the actually flower and A LOT of tutorials to do the design! 
but i ended up experimenting with the design while I was painting the flowers so...

So all the flowers are different designs as you can see...
I'm quite disappointed with the colour combo but I did my best with them!!

Right hand has a posing problem

From the designs on my right hand you can tell which design I like best! ^^

One more X'Mas mani DOWN! 

What do you think about this mani though? TELL ME! ><


See you in halloween town >=)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

X'Mas Mani 03 - Hot X'Tree

I got invites to Hot Magazine's Christmas party held at Porto Romano!
As you can see from my previous posts that I like to paint my nails according to the event so....

Christmas Tree!!! 
with a side of ornaments and candy canes =D
I got the idea from the poster!

The tree was so cute I couldn't resist!! 

Well this also counts as one of the 12 Days of X'Mas Manis! 

Crossing it off the list! 
Christmas Tree

Till the next design! 


Friday, December 16, 2011

X'Mas Mani 02 - Sweet Candy Canes

Welcome back to X'Mas Manis!

This time I decided on candy canes!
I wish I had one now...

As you can see I did some water marbling for this design!
This is the second time I've attempted water marbling 
and am quite proud of myself right now =)

I got the idea after a friend of mine posted 
a tutorial by cutepolish on my facebook!

I thought candy canes were the perfect excuse to do it 
but it didn't come out as I wanted but still AWESOME! XD

I painted a coat of OPI's Alpine Snow on all my nails beforehand.
I used Sally Hansen's Emerald Green and Elianto's Chili Red to do the marbling.
For the other nails, I painted a coat of Sasatine's G683 for the x'mas glitter! 
Then I painted the stripes using the same colours for the marbling!

I had to do the marbling a few times before I got a pattern I liked! 
Marbling is hard...I guess that means I need more practice! =P

What design shall I attempt next?
Keep following and find out!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

X'Mas Mani 01 - Snowflakes & GIfts

I did this mani before I found the challenge!
It fits perfectly for 2 of the manis! =)

Sorry it's so dark >< 

I drew white snowflakes on my thumb and fourth finger nail
and golden ribbons on the rest! =)

Colours Used:

Red - Elianto Chili Red 
White - OPI Alpine Snow
Glitter - Sasatine G683
Gold glitter - Etude house BR304

There'll be another post at 12.01AM tomorrow!
Look out for it!

For the 12 days of X'mas~

I saw this post on tumblr a couple of weeks ago...

I really want to do this! 
The list is already on my sidebar so you can keep track of 
what I've already done
and what I'll be doing!

The first mani will be posted later tonight!

So look forward to it! ^^


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kiwi Green

I had an interview today to be a brand ambassador and one of the brands was

So I especially used Sally Hansen for this mani! 

Say Hello to Kiwi Nails!! XD

The only Sally Hansen polishes I had were green...

I used Sally Hansen's Green with Envy for the base. 
You can see the swatches here.
The white is OPI's Alpine Snow. The darker green colour beneath the black polish is Sally Hansen's Emerald City and I used OPI's I Only Date Werewolves.

I actually got the idea for this from a post in tumblr...
After google-ing the photo I found that the original post is from cutepolish.
You can check out her Kiwi blog post or 
check out her tutorial on how to paint it!

I did mine a bit differently but it managed to look kiwi enough 
for my friends and family! ^^

I'll be attempting the 12 days of X'Mas Challenge 
so look out for X'Mas manis!!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Music, Piano, The Orchestra

My brother took my parents and I to watch the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra today! 

sorry about the glare >< 

I was going to draw instruments but I was too tired so I opted for piano keys! =)
I'll still do the instrument mani though! 

*adds to To-Do- List*

I used OPI Alpine Snow for the base colour then I painted a layer of glitter on it...
The glitter isn't obvious in the photo...I applied it to make the nice shiny surface of the keys! XD
The glitter is from Etude House's Nymph Aura Collection! =)
Then I used OPI I Only Date Werewolves to paint the notes and keys! XD

Simple but still awesome! XD

Shall be doing Kiwi nails soon for my interview on Wednesday!



Saturday, December 10, 2011

School Nails 2

OK! I gave a preview so here's the full image! =)

Colours Used:

Black - The Faceshop BK901
White - OPI Alpine Snow
Silver - China Glaze Millennium
Red - Elianto Chili Red
Yellow - China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
Brown - OPI Over the Taupe
Blue - Sasatine Q22
Green (thumb) - Sally Hansen Emerald City

I know the pencils are super fugly! >< 
I guess I should have left it as a plain yellow pencil...
I like the scribbles under the pens!! 
The chalkboard (thumb) came out pretty well too! =)

ITTV is the product I'm promoting at my part-time job now FYI
You can check them out on their facebook page.

Keep checking for more designs!
I'm on a design streak!! XD