Saturday, December 10, 2011

School Nails 2

OK! I gave a preview so here's the full image! =)

Colours Used:

Black - The Faceshop BK901
White - OPI Alpine Snow
Silver - China Glaze Millennium
Red - Elianto Chili Red
Yellow - China Glaze Happy Go Lucky
Brown - OPI Over the Taupe
Blue - Sasatine Q22
Green (thumb) - Sally Hansen Emerald City

I know the pencils are super fugly! >< 
I guess I should have left it as a plain yellow pencil...
I like the scribbles under the pens!! 
The chalkboard (thumb) came out pretty well too! =)

ITTV is the product I'm promoting at my part-time job now FYI
You can check them out on their facebook page.

Keep checking for more designs!
I'm on a design streak!! XD


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