Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kiwi Green

I had an interview today to be a brand ambassador and one of the brands was

So I especially used Sally Hansen for this mani! 

Say Hello to Kiwi Nails!! XD

The only Sally Hansen polishes I had were green...

I used Sally Hansen's Green with Envy for the base. 
You can see the swatches here.
The white is OPI's Alpine Snow. The darker green colour beneath the black polish is Sally Hansen's Emerald City and I used OPI's I Only Date Werewolves.

I actually got the idea for this from a post in tumblr...
After google-ing the photo I found that the original post is from cutepolish.
You can check out her Kiwi blog post or 
check out her tutorial on how to paint it!

I did mine a bit differently but it managed to look kiwi enough 
for my friends and family! ^^

I'll be attempting the 12 days of X'Mas Challenge 
so look out for X'Mas manis!!


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