Monday, December 19, 2011

X'Mas Mani 05 - Merry Christmas Jack

Nightmare Before Christmas X'Mas Mani!!

After I finished the mani I was staring at my nails thinking,

"Hmmmmm....they don't look like Jack AT ALL" 

Guess my square-ish nails can't bring out the round-ness of Jacks head! =P
I got the inspiration from a post from tumblr...

Jack Skellington cupcakes? They look like cookies too...=S

They looked really cute!!! =D

Whatever it may be! I have no regrets! =)



:) said...

Cute nails! Merry Christmas! :D

punk polish said...

check out my blog! i'm trying to get it going but no one ever visits :(

Lum Huey Shan said...

FAVOURITE SO FAR! -- besides the ponsietta one, haha.