Tuesday, February 28, 2012

To Nude: ILY

From: Black

I was trying to be creative with the title and intro....you didn't get it did you! =P

Translation = I really think nude colours and black polish should just get married cause they compliment each other so well!! XD

So...I decided to try out a tape mani as well as needle dragging with these 2 colours! =)

It looks really messy eh! >< but that's how I started off =S

I used the giant rhinestones my bro gave me but I don't think they are suited for nails >< I had to do some patch work after I took the tape off since I had to paint a couple of layers of the nude polish to make it opaque but it came pretty well don't you think so! ^^ I wished I had made the lines evener tho =P

So this is my right hand and as you can see I decided to try needle dragging out! I think the only kinda successful one that came out is the pointer finger... Probably because I used 2 different brands of black polish and I used an orange stick instead of a needle to do it! XP

I'm quite happy with the final results!! 
I tend to paint both my hands nowadays! ^^
Feeling super proud of myself at the moment! =P

That's it for this post and I'll have good news to share with you guys soon!! 

Back To School

Hi Everyone!!!
So...it's 1.45AM now so technically my first day of class was yesterday!! =P
If you guys didn't already know but I like painting my nails to occasions so for the start of the new semester...I painted converse shoes on my nails!! ^^ 

Most students own a pair of converse shoes or something of a similar style and I've been wanting to do this design for a while now since it's just 
I googled for some designs and decided on this! It kinda looks weird since my nails are square and shoes are usually rounded!! =P
 I sooooo love pastel colours!! 8D

Start of the sem!! Shall promise to constantly update CRNailz!! =)

Monday, February 27, 2012

GLEE Inspired

Hey GLEE lovers!!
So...I recently watched GLEE!! 
It was the BEST episode so far!!

It was all about not giving in to bullying and peer pressure and suicide is never the answer to ones problem! The song!! Super inspirational!! 
So this mani is inspired by their regional outfits! =)


Red, Gold, Black and Silver...

I am proud to say that I am a really big 
GLEE to me is a very inspirational show that combines the happenings of high school, society and music! =) I have cried, laughed and shown so many different kinds of expressions while watching GLEE and I can say that I DO relate to the characters in GLEE! =)

Now...I can say that...
in a very good way! 

Sorry to bomb you guys with this emotional stuff but I just had to share it since it is sort of a turning point in my life and I'm glad that it finally came! =)

Here's a song to commemorate this joyous mani!
Glad You Came by The Warblers!!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #03

Ello All!!
So this is the THIRD 'Nail Biters Corner' post!! 

I don't know if this applies to all nail biters but since I started biting my nails from a young age... my nails are uber thin now...
probably cause it didn't really get to grow properly for a long time. 
Some nail bloggers encourage filing the whole nail to remove dirt and leftover polish and natural oils rite but I don't do that...
not that I DON'T...I actually CAN'T file my nails... 

The last time I filed my nail was when I got caught by this guy in a shopping mall trying to sell his homemade cuticle oil...he also wanted to sell me this mani pedi set so he just grabbed my hand and started filing my nail...=.=...WORST MISTAKE EVER!! A week later that nail he filed... BROKE!! really deep at that...all the non-filed nails were fine... 
that's how thin my nails are! ><

This was taken with my phone so please excuse the bad quality ><
It broke really deep in a you can see...='(

I haven't found anything to make my nails thicker and I'm not sure there is such a thing but I found the second best thing!

OPI Nail Envy! 
I heard of Nail Envy from a friend when I started doing nail art and at the time my nails were not only thin but peeling too >< My thumbs were always the worst! It would peel from the corners and get snagged on every little thing!! 

When I finally decided to get nail envy I honestly had to think really hard since I didn't know there were more than ONE type of nail envy till I checked the website...=S

The first nail envy I got was Maintenance Nail Envy. 
I chose this type because it was the latest one at the time and the description held some promise but it didn't really work out for me...=(
Of course I used up the whole bottle before getting a new one...
waste not want not ya know!

The next nail envy I got was Matte Nail Envy! 
The time that I ordered that type I still had a lot of hope for Maintenance Nail Envy and wanted my dad to use it and since it would be matte he wouldn't mind it so much but he didn't try it in the end. Matte Nail Envy had the same formula as Original Nail Envy with the only different that it dried matte...
well...not really XD

My third and current nail envy is Soft & Thin Nail Envy!
I just love this polish! Not only are my nails stronger now but they stopped peeling! My thumb nails are especially thankful! I guess you have to get the nail envy that's suited for your current nail situation! ^^

But...for an ex-nail biter when one problem is solved 
there is yet another problem to face..
I'll get to that in the next post of 'Nail Biters Corner'!


Purple Madness

So it's 2.40AM in KL so I'm kinda hyper a little...
Anywayzzz...I painted my friend Melanie's nails for her earlier and it was a super purple mani since she couldn't decide on a design and colour!! XD

This is the result of that! 

I'm actually quite satisfied with it! It was based from a design I did before! XD
It's supposed to be leopard and zebra print just in case you didn't know...=P
I was also trying out the silver art pen I bought from faceshop and I LOVE IT!!
I shall do a review on it in another post oh! and it gave me a reason to use my purple rhinestones too! The rhinestones on her fourth nail is kinda senget crooked since I was painting her nails from an awkward direction =P and I was using seche vite to stick them on so they stuck on really fast so I couldn't really adjust them...hmmph!

Ya know what...I was transferring the pics of the polish swatches and designs I did while my photoshop was on the fritz from my camera to my lappie and... THERE'S A LOT!! ><
Gonna be posting a lot so....YEAH!! ^^

Nail Biters Corner #03 is coming soon too so sit tight!! 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

OPI Shimmers

Hey All!!
So here are some of the swatches from Nail Polish Spree 03!!
I actually ordered these for my friend...


I forgot to take photos of the individual bottles ><
I'll be swatching the first and fourth polishes!!
OPI Pink Before You Leap & OPI Animal-istic

OPI Animal-istic

This polish is orange red based shimmer polish. I'm not really one for shimmers and sad to say that this polish didn't make it on my favorite list...=( 
If it were just a red shimmer polish I might like it more but this has a strong orange feel to it and the shimmer doesn't stand out...=(

OPI Pink Before You Leap

This is a sheer peachy pink shimmer polish. I like this more than Animal-istic but shimmer seriously isn't my cup of tea =( I think this polish would be best layered on top of a more opaque colour. The swatch is 3 layers and you can still see my nail =( I tried matching it with some of my polishes but nothing looked nice hence no layered mani pics =( but I love the shimmer =)

I'll be posting the rest soon so sit tight! =)


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wedding not wedding inspired

Sorry for the long non-posts session but my photoshop was on the fritz ><
I couldn't watermark my photos =( 
It's fixed now! XD So back to blogging!!

I guess you're probably waiting for a wedding inspired nail design because of the title but did you read it carefully? It says NOT wedding inspired =P
OK! Enough with the shenanigans!!


So...what I meant by 'wedding not wedding inspired' was...


This was the door gift at my cousin's wedding =)
I put off doing this design for a month+ LOL 
I mixed a shimmer and glitter polish get that colour 
but I think it would have been nicer with gold khrome polish =S 
now you know why I want China Glaze 2030

I really love rhinestones right now!! ><
Anyone know where to buy or order studs from in Malaysia??

That's it for this post!!
Since my photoshop is up and running again the swatches
 from Nail Polish Spree 03 will be up soon!! ^^


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nail Polish Spree 03

Nail Polish Spree

Hey Everyone!
So I got my nail mail today!! 
Sooooo happy!!!!

So anywayzzzz here are the shots of the polishes I got!!

Doesn't the nail mail look magical~~
nailpolishaddict much! 

-Inside the big box-

From left: OPI Nail Envy for Soft & Thin Nails, Poshe Fast Drying Top Coat, small box

-Inside small box-

From left: OPI Pink Before You Leap, China Glaze Fast Forward, Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, OPI Animal-istic, Color Club Ms. Socialite

-Nail Polish Spree 03-

So...I shall be doing 4 different posts from this spree:-

-Colour swatches-
-3 Reviews-

Look forward to them!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

French Apples

So apple manis have been on my 'To-Do List' for quite some time now...
I was actually planning on doing a french hello kitty mani but...
My alpine snow is like 1/4 of the bottle and it's all goopy...
I already ordered a new bottle but it didn't make the latest shipment so I gotta wait ANOTHER MONTH!! T____T 
A nail polish addict should always have white polish at hand! ><
So...I chose to do a mani that doesn't have that much white in it! =)

I actually found the inspiration from this korean nail blogger...her designs are AWESOME!!

After google-ing somemore I found another apple nail art design by 'chelle from cosmeticcupcake.com

After finding her blog...I am IN LOVE! Her designs are AWESOME!!! XD

I guess not having white polish came in handy 
since I found a really cool nail blogger! =D
I hope you like this mani cause I'm thinking of doing more fruit manis!! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Blues

Hey everyone...
I know I'm a day late for Valentines but I've got an excuse!
I had the flu on Valentines Day! 

I did this mani with a fever so please excuse the plain ugliness ><"
My friend gave me the idea with stick people 
connected by the red thread of fate! =)
I really love my thumb nail since there are a lot of rhinestones on it! ^^

So...since I was sick and still am...=(
I spent Valentines Day at home...sleeping...with a fever...

OH! On a different note!! 
I am now a Yuberactive Brands Knight! XD
I got the news the night before Valentines!
I'm so excited!! I get to represent brands like Rimmel and SALLY HANSEN!!
Can I just say that for a nail blogger...getting free nail polish is...THE BOMB!! 
But I don't really know what it's gonna be like to be a brands knight till I actually 
go for the briefing and stuff so....EXCITED!!!! ^^

That's it for now! Please let me get well soon! ><

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #02

Have you guys heard of this polish to help you stop biting your nails?
I don't know the name or brand but I've tried some like a long long time ago! XD 
And you know what happened?


Guess what?
I bite my nails with my TEETH not my TONGUE!
I'm thinking they thought that when we bite our nails somehow our tongue wants a taste of it too well...it's NOT true...at least not for me! =S

There was also this thing that my friend told me a while back about parents rubbing lemon on their children's nails so they wouldn't bite them...hmmmmm
If you like to suck on your fingers and that would work since it would be too sour to suck but...
I'm not too sure about nail biting prevention...hmmmm

Have any of you tried this?
Do drop me a comment at zejing91@hotmail.com


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Anime Hijacked Valentines Mani


Sorry! Was laughing at the title! XD
I'm actually blogging this for the second time cause for SOME reason...it didn't save the first time I blogged...=(

Anywayz...I was watching this anime called 'Clannad' and I saw...


Everytime I saw this during the anime I had this urge to paint it on my nails! ><
So...I added a few heart and VOILA!
An Anime Hijacked Valentines Mani is born!! XD


I quite like this design! =)
I used my new stripping brushes for this mani and stripping is soooo much easier now! Especially when I'm painting my right hand! 
Oh! Another thing! I'm into rhinestones, studs and all that jazz at the moment!
Gonna stock up so I can experiment on placing and stuff liddat! 

If you guys don't know yet, I started a special post called
'Nail Biters Corner'
I'm gonna be blogging on my experiences before and after I got over biting my nails and I hope to share others experiences too! Pretty excited about it!! ^^

That's it for now!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #01

Ello everyone! 
So! I've decided to start on 'Nail Biters Corner'!
I've been thinking about this for some time now and I want to share my experiences about before and after my habit of nail biting so...
here's the first post!

For those who haven't read my first post...I WAS a nail biter! =(
I started when I was really young and only stopped a couple of years ago.

How did I stop?
It was thanks to these two amazing gals named Jade & Xin Yi!
They introduced me into the world of nail polish and nail art!
After seeing them change designs so often...I was inspired to do so as well!

After that I stopped biting my nails...another problem cropped up...=(
Since I didn't bite my nails anymore I went on to peeling them...
Whenever there was a nic in my nail I would feel so annoyed and start peeling it off...
At that time I also had the habit of scraping the side of my index nails...
It was especially bad when I'm stressed out...I don't have a photo but my index nail was crooked because of the daily scraping...=(

As you can see now that my nails have gotten better! 
All thanks to nail art again! 
Cause when I have a really nice design on I tend to NOT want to ruin it =P
but whenever I don't like the design...I would sometimes peeling the polish off! ><
Better than peeling my nails I guess =P
After using OPI Nail Envy for Soft and Thin nails...
my nails have gotten stronger and peel less now but...

I got a nic in my nail yesterday...and I was in the middle of a GLEE marathon!!
I didn't want to pause the show so I ended up peeling my nail off after more 
than a year of NOT peeling them! T____T
Now my nails are short...too short that I'm not used to it anymore since
I've had long nails for some time now....*sobs*

That's it for the first post of 
-Nail Biters Corner-

Welcome back for more nail biting/peeling/scraping thoughts!
I would be more than happy if you guys would share your experiences with me!! 
Do drop me a line at zejing91@hotmail.com


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat Review

Hey Nail Polish Lover! <3

So this is kinda overdue but here it is!!
Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat is one of the fast drying top coats on my hunt for the best fast drying top coat! I've got 2 more on the way for testing but here's what I think of Revlon's.

-I shall be comparing this polish against the current champion in my books:- 
Seche Vite-

The drying time is slower than Seche Vites which I think contradicts the whole "FAST" drying top coat bit! >< The shine when applied is the same as Seche Vite which is FABULOUS as all the other reviews have mentioned. In my opinion, Revlon should only be used for single colours and thin coats because it smudges the polish which has made me re-do a lot of my designs so far and it does not dry all the way through fast enough unlike Seche Vite. 

From what I've done so far, I would paint a layer of Revlon on my base colour before painting my design and only paint Seche Vite after I'm done! It's worked spectacularly and it reduced chipping! =) My manis last much longer from when I was only using Seche Vite. 

However, Seche Vite's main weakness is still at hand...it gets ultra gooey after a while usually when you've used up half the bottle...so far I have not seen this in Revlon which is a good sign.

Seche Vite weakness: Polish gets gooey after a period of time
Revlon weakness: smudges polish, does not dry fast enough 

I shall keep everyone updated on the best fast drying top coat search!
For now...


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Dream

Hey guys! 
So this is my second Valentines mani!
I was pretty uninspired but I really wanted to use OPI's Teenage Dream polish...

I totally love the I <3 U on the thumb! 
I really like the <3 umbrella on the fourth nails too!! ^^
I used OPI Bubble Bath as the base...I haven't used it in a while =)
I used a lot of new stuff for this mani! XD
I bought a new set of nail art brushes to try out and I finally got to try out the pearls I bought!

So I can draw thinner lines now but it's really hard to control =(
Practice makes perfect I guess! XD
Shall try to do more designs with them! 


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Would Cut My Heart Out For You~

I know how cheesy the title to this post is...=.="...I think so too..
but I thought it would fit this mani LOL
Sorry for the recent no posts but I'm thinking of doing a few Valentines designs
so they'll be more to update! XD
I so wish I had a nail wheel so it would be easier ><
but I don't know where to get one in KL and I don't have paypal so can't ebay it =(
Anywayz...ON TO THE MANI!!

I wonder if I should have made the lines thinner...?
I like this design very much =)
As the title of the post goes~
"I would cut my heart out for you"
I especially like the heart and the scissors! XD

Happy early Valentines to all you love birds out there!!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

China Glaze First Mate

Aye Aye Captain!
Welcome aboard the China Glaze First Mate swatch post! 

Sorry for the weird intro! I just couldn't help it! XD
Here are the swatches!

I just have to say...I LOVE THIS POLISH!!! 
First mate is a really deep dark ocean blue!
I recently painted my denim nail art using this polish and I super <3 it!
Compared to the other dark blues that I have like Sasatine Q22 which is more of a jelly dark blue polish as you can see in the third swatch! The pointer finger is slightly lighter than the rest and Etude House BL501 which is opaque in a single coat like first mate but man does it stain! >< 
I like this the best! I'm so glad I got a bottle =)
Btw It doesn't stain which is another reason I love it so much! 

If you are considering on getting a dark blue polish I would suggest getting China Glaze First Mate! ^^


Friday, February 3, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme

This polish was on my 'Need To Get List'!
I've read a lot of good reviews about this black polish 
so I ordered a bottle to see how real the reviews were
especially since I was looking for a new black polish! XD

I tried taking the photos at different angles but the sun wouldn't cooperate! ><
I was also experimenting with my new Revlon Fast Drying Top Coat too
so the shine is kinda weird and reflective compared to Seche Vite.

Unlike the black polish I've tried out so far like The Faceshop BK901, and
OPI I Would Date Werewolves...I had to paint 2 layers for it to be opaque...
The other polishes only needed 1 layer...
Next, I used it for designs but the formula wasn't thick enough for painting designs...
I'm quite disappointed with this polish =(

I guess I have to go black polish hunting again...
More to come!