Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nail Biters Corner #02

Have you guys heard of this polish to help you stop biting your nails?
I don't know the name or brand but I've tried some like a long long time ago! XD 
And you know what happened?


Guess what?
I bite my nails with my TEETH not my TONGUE!
I'm thinking they thought that when we bite our nails somehow our tongue wants a taste of it too well...it's NOT true...at least not for me! =S

There was also this thing that my friend told me a while back about parents rubbing lemon on their children's nails so they wouldn't bite them...hmmmmm
If you like to suck on your fingers and that would work since it would be too sour to suck but...
I'm not too sure about nail biting prevention...hmmmm

Have any of you tried this?
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