Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purple Madness

So it's 2.40AM in KL so I'm kinda hyper a little...
Anywayzzz...I painted my friend Melanie's nails for her earlier and it was a super purple mani since she couldn't decide on a design and colour!! XD

This is the result of that! 

I'm actually quite satisfied with it! It was based from a design I did before! XD
It's supposed to be leopard and zebra print just in case you didn't know...=P
I was also trying out the silver art pen I bought from faceshop and I LOVE IT!!
I shall do a review on it in another post oh! and it gave me a reason to use my purple rhinestones too! The rhinestones on her fourth nail is kinda senget crooked since I was painting her nails from an awkward direction =P and I was using seche vite to stick them on so they stuck on really fast so I couldn't really adjust them...hmmph!

Ya know what...I was transferring the pics of the polish swatches and designs I did while my photoshop was on the fritz from my camera to my lappie and... THERE'S A LOT!! ><
Gonna be posting a lot so....YEAH!! ^^

Nail Biters Corner #03 is coming soon too so sit tight!! 


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