Saturday, February 4, 2012

China Glaze First Mate

Aye Aye Captain!
Welcome aboard the China Glaze First Mate swatch post! 

Sorry for the weird intro! I just couldn't help it! XD
Here are the swatches!

I just have to say...I LOVE THIS POLISH!!! 
First mate is a really deep dark ocean blue!
I recently painted my denim nail art using this polish and I super <3 it!
Compared to the other dark blues that I have like Sasatine Q22 which is more of a jelly dark blue polish as you can see in the third swatch! The pointer finger is slightly lighter than the rest and Etude House BL501 which is opaque in a single coat like first mate but man does it stain! >< 
I like this the best! I'm so glad I got a bottle =)
Btw It doesn't stain which is another reason I love it so much! 

If you are considering on getting a dark blue polish I would suggest getting China Glaze First Mate! ^^


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