Me Nail Artz


Awwww this was one of my first nail artz! ;_; 

Chinese New Year Mani

Orange & Yellow 
Was trying out the silver polish & french manis!!

I had just gotten a mini set of opis...I forgot what it was called ><


Tangle Inspired Nail Art

This was when I got my OPI Katy Perry Minis & China Glaze Black Shatter

I did these for my brothers wedding! =)
Couple Nails <3

Cupcake Inspired Nails!

I was so uninspired at the time...symbol nail art?

I used my own franken polish for this mani! =)
Ties & Dots!

This was when I just got my Essie Matte About You!
Love the polish so much! XD

I was so into checkers, french manis and OPI TEENAGE DREAM!

Tried to do cupcake manis.
Chocolate Peppermint Cupcake Nails...

I did this for Valentines Day =) 
Was in love with black and red at the time hence the next 2 manis!

Tried out leopard print! =)

Heartbeat Nail Art! 
<3 these!

Viva La Francais!

I saw the drip technique on tumblr a bunch of times and decided to draw ice cream...
didn't work out so well ><

I was uninspired here too...

Butterfly wings...
My all time favorite hands down!

Ladybug nail art!
This is so cute!

I took a trip to UK and drew these >=D

I couldn't stand having bare nails in UK so...
I brought polish over ><

I FINALLY have all the colours to do a gradient mani! XS

I got some lace from the UK and did this...
failed attempt at a lace mani T_T

Patchwork...needs some patchwork XD

Checker Flag Nails!

I got this design from a friend...she did it better....

Halloween '11 
Candy Corn & Pumpkins

Halloween '11
Spiders, Cobwebs & Blood

Simple Stripe mani

Blue & Grey Halfmoons!
Was dying to try out the rhinestones I bought! XD

Inspired by Xin Yi! 
Girly Mani with Purple Roses & GLITTER!!

Was on a rose mani streak! XD


Christmas Tree Nails 
-please refer to blog post for more-

Green Crackle over bright yellow