Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mini Spree

Hey Nail Art Lovers!!
I know I have yet to review and post up the polishes 
from my other nail polish sprees but I just can't help it!! >< 
So I found this small nail art booth in Pavilion the other day 
and I just couldn't stay away from the nail art goodness XD

Chain, rhinestones, blue nail art strip tape, 2 nail wheels

I finally found some nail wheels and I'm so excited!! I also got a chain to use during dinner occasions since there are rhinestones stuck to it...and of course I got some rhinestones too!! XD The main thing in this spree is the blue nail strip tape! I've been wanting to get a silver tape for quite a while now but when I bought this one the blue and silver tape were really similar and didn't know that I bought the wrong colour till I used it ><

I did a quick mani just to use it! 

Forgive the sloppiness since I did them when I was half asleep ><
I couldn't really get the tape to stick so the ends always stuck out =S
I did some "aztec" writing on the white parts with a silver dotting pen but you can't really c them in the photo cause of the sunlight =S

There'll be more opportunities to do aztec manis to don't fret! 
That's all for today!


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