Sunday, March 11, 2012

KONY 2012

Hi Everyone!!
From the title of the post you would have already guessed what I painted! XD
And NO! I did not paint KONY on my nails!! =P

Got the inspiration from the KONY 2012 posters on google! I finally saw the viral video of KONY 2012 that's been going around and I was like "Wowwwww this guy is super good at making videos!! How did he do this effect??!!" I'm a mass comm student so I can't help but think this kind of thoughts =P I'm not really a KONY 2012 supporter and the more that I think about it...the only reason I painted KONY 2012 inspired nails was cause I was uber uninspired at the time and I just saw the video =)

This is one of the few intricate designs I've painted...I'm quite proud of it though I think the fourth nail design is kinda misshapen >< Oh well!!

On a different was my nephew's full moon party last night...and I kinda partied too hard and my nail broke...=.="....the horror!!

 So this is what my nails look like now...
you soooo don't want to see my right hand ><

I won't be painting inspired nail art for a while since it sooo does not work when there's 1 nail shorter than the rest >< 

Please let my nails grow quickly ><

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