Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Simple Little Things 01

Hi Everyone! 
You know a lot of people say that 
the simple little things are what affects you the most...
Well...whoever they are...
They were right 

My friend Xin Yi went on holiday with her family a couple of months ago and she got me and Jade nail polish!! ^^ The fact that she actually thought of us while she was on vacation is just sweet! =)
She got me Color Combos CBL146 & CTW504!!

So...CBL146 is the pink creme polish! I don't know how to comment on the colour but to me it's a soft pink would definitely look great on short nails not that I think that it doesn't look nice on longer nails! =P 

CTW504 on the other hand is a clear polish that has a mixture 
of gold tiny round flakies and random chunky flakies! ^^ 
Great polish for layering and for dinner occasion manis! ^^

That's it for this post but wait!! 
If you read the title of the post, you would have already noticed that this is only the first 'The Simple Little Things' post and that's because Xin Yi is not the only one that's done this and made me feel appreciated and I think they all deserve their own post! Don't you think so?

For now...

P/S : You can check out Xin Yi and Jade's Nail Blog at 

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