Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stripes, Polkadots & Glitter Bows

I think I've done a design like this a million times!!
but who can say no to stripes, polkadots and glitter bows!! 

I will include my Instagram photos from now on!! ^^

The glitter bow came out so pretty!! XD
I wish my nails would grow faster...=(

Shall try and do a more detailed design soon 
but that's after I finish my assignments! =P
See you guys soon!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Teenage Dream Overload!!

Elo elo!! XD
So my friend Alison came over that day and I painted her nails!!! XD 
I let her choose the colours and she chose 
OPI Bubble Bath and Teenage Dream!! XD

I took this with Instagram!! XD 
Sooooo addicted to it and a lot of other photo apps on my Iphone! =P
A simple mani goes a long way!! 

Look at the happy girl with her nails done!! XD

After I did her nails, I really wanted to use teenage dream too and 

I forgot to take photo with my camera before I removed it ><
I took this with my Iphone too LOL
Half pastel pink and half teenage dream! ^^

There's this girl that take awesome photos on instagram 
and I was trying to imitate her photo!
Didn't really turn out that nice tho ><
Oh well!!
So I really went all out on the teenage dream!! XD
See you at the next mani!

Something Springy

Hey peeps! 
Been lazy again hence the late postings XD
So this is something I threw on since I was super uninspired...
It came out pretty good if I do say so myself XD 

I took the third pic with my instagram! XD 
Quite into the app at the moment so follow me if you want to! 
My username is there --> @chronosz

Anywayz...I really wanted to do a sponge mani so I picked some random colours and stamped them on my nails XD After stamping my thumb I thought of putting rhinestones or pearls on them till I saw the dried flowers...I bought them a long time ago but didn't get the chance to use them till now! So glad I did since it came out so pretty! ^^ It looks like spring to me hence the title! =P 

I've got a couple more manis to share with you guys so...
look forward to them yeah! 
I'm on my mid-term break so I get to paint my nails more! XD
Shall get back to you guys soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Simple Little Things 03

Hey Everyone!!
I'm sorry I haven't been posting...I have no excuse this time ><
I was just plain lazy...*bonks head*

Anywayzzzz...this is the last 'The Simple Little Things' post!
If you haven't read ONE and TWO then check them out! =)

Remember Huey Shan??
Ya know...that girl from my very first post!
Yeah Yeah!! HER!!

Well...she's in the UK doing her degree now and guess what she got me all the way from the land of Robin Hood??!

She got me OPI Big Apple Red!!! XD
It even came in a huge bag!!!!
Well...this red is just the right shade for me =) 
It is opaque in 2 coats, it's not too bright and not too dark...just right...=)



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Belated Easter!!!

Hey everyone!! 
I've been really MIA for a long long time! ><
I've been really busy with assignments and work 
so I haven't had time to paint my nails let alone blog ><
So since I finally got a break and it was Easter...


I kinda took all the 'what I think are' Easter colours and turned them into cupcakes XD

I'm really into Instagram and Iphone photo editting tools now so I made a something of a tutorial!! Hope you like it =)

I don't know how to number the photos but it's left to right and top to bottom!! XD 
I kinda forgot to take pics after the 3 step so that's why there are only 4! =P

Well, this is what's new and you can tell my nails are ridiculously short now...
Sighhhh hate it when my nails break >< 
Please grow faster!!! =3

Hopefully I can paint another design soon!! XD