Monday, April 23, 2012

Something Springy

Hey peeps! 
Been lazy again hence the late postings XD
So this is something I threw on since I was super uninspired...
It came out pretty good if I do say so myself XD 

I took the third pic with my instagram! XD 
Quite into the app at the moment so follow me if you want to! 
My username is there --> @chronosz

Anywayz...I really wanted to do a sponge mani so I picked some random colours and stamped them on my nails XD After stamping my thumb I thought of putting rhinestones or pearls on them till I saw the dried flowers...I bought them a long time ago but didn't get the chance to use them till now! So glad I did since it came out so pretty! ^^ It looks like spring to me hence the title! =P 

I've got a couple more manis to share with you guys so...
look forward to them yeah! 
I'm on my mid-term break so I get to paint my nails more! XD
Shall get back to you guys soon!

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