Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paint splatter mani!!

Elo elo!!
I've always wanted to do a paint splatter mani but it looked so messy so I didn't try it...yet!
This girl on instagram had her own image of paint splatter mani!
It was so cute I had to try it! XD

Her username on instagram is 
She's got some pretty cool designs and tutorials!
Check her out! 

This is really cool and fun mani to do! XD

Oooohhhh!!! My colourful iphone cords came that day!!
They were such good props to take photos with the mani!!

Nice colour combo eh! XP

Here's a short tutorial for you guys!
The original can be found on @ohtamm's instagram! =)

1. Paint your base with white polish. I used OPI Alpine Snow (my fav). 
Don't forget the base coat!! 
2. Then use your dotting tool and put a medium sized dot on wherever on your nail and start dragging it to form a splatter shape. 
3. Repeat this on all nails till you're satisfied with the design.

GAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Weird tutorial!!
Oh well!! 

Roses never get old~

Hello All!!

Rose designs never get old...don't you think so?
I got this design from a girl on instagram!
Go check her designs out if you have the app!

The pics with the '@chronosz' watermark can all be found on my instagram! =)
I had a lot of fun with this mani! 
Roses are just plain cool to paint on you nails!! XD
Oh! I'm really into yellow now! Totally love using my Chinaglaze Happy-Go-Lucky polish! 

On a different note!

I did this mani when I was just too plain lazy to draw nail art =P 
Matte chrome silver french tips! ^^

That's all for now! 
Stay tuned for more!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

IU You & I MV inspired mani

I've been putting this mani off till I got my gold chrome polish and it arrived a while ago! XD
I painted this a while ago TOO!! =P
It didn't come out the way I wanted too...probably cause I didn't experiment with the polish long enough...sighhhh...oh well!! 

My favorite nail would be the pointing finger thus the solo photo on instagram! XD
I tried to write 'tick tock' on the ring finger but black didn't match and so....
basically it didn't work out =S

The other design is meant to be cogs from the clockwork!
I really love the video!! 
Especially the lyrics!!!

Check it out!!! XD

Expect more!! 


Hey nail peeps that are annoyed at me not updating CRNailz!!! 

I was really busy with the end of the semester assignments and something went wrong with my photoshop...AGAIN!! >< Added the fact that I was really lazyyyyy....

I'm not using picasa to add a simple watermark to my photos...

If you all want to follow my nail art, you can follow me on instagram if you have it!
My username is 
I post daily updates on my life too so if you don't mind it then follow me k!! XD

Well...I've got quite a few manis to show you guys so let's get started!!! XD


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chrome Clouds

Yo nail art peeps!
 After my recent nail polish spree I am really into chrome polish XD
Then there's this new craze with cloud manis...
So I decided to try it out! 

Sorry about the red in the's probably from the sun...
It was really REALLY bright and sunny when I took them =P

Anywayzz...the original tutorial came from Nailside
You can check the tute out ---> here.

I tried the tute and didn't really work out for me >< 
It's sooooo messy!! =S

Till the next mani! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Nail Polish Spree 05 + Swatches

Excuse me...super sleepy now...=.=...'s nail polish spree 05!! 

China Glaze Passion, OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air

This time I ordered China Glaze Passion and OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air!
I shall make this an uber long post since I haven't written a long one in a while ^^

Here we go! 
First off is China Glaze Passion! XD

Passion is a dusty gold chrome polish. I've been hunting for a gold chrome polish for a while now and this is the one I chose after reading countless reviews and seen so many swatches!
As all chrome polishes, this polish also streaks so remember to get it all on with minimal swipes of the brush...2 layers would be best for this polish cause as you can see from my ring finger in the close up photo...there's a bald spot in the middle ><"

This is China Glaze Passion Matte! ^^
I seriously LOVE matte chrome polish! Not sure if you can tell from the photo but there's less shine and it has this real gold feeling to it XD
I wish I had taken a more close up photo of it ><

Enough with the chrome polish!
Let's get on to the glitter!
Presenting...OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air!! XD

Have I mentioned that I'm quite into glitter now? Well I AM!! XD
OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air is from the Muppets collection! ^^
I've never had a green glitter polish and this caught my eye!
This polish is a combi of small tiny green glitter bits and hexagonal silver flakies!
I actually went backwards and did the review before the nail polish spree post ><
It was more to a glitter post than a review though..=P
Check it out ---> OPI Fresh Frog of Bel Air Review

Well...that's it for this post!!
I've got a couple of manis done already and I can't wait to show them to you guys! ^^
Look forward to them!