Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paint splatter mani!!

Elo elo!!
I've always wanted to do a paint splatter mani but it looked so messy so I didn't try it...yet!
This girl on instagram had her own image of paint splatter mani!
It was so cute I had to try it! XD

Her username on instagram is 
She's got some pretty cool designs and tutorials!
Check her out! 

This is really cool and fun mani to do! XD

Oooohhhh!!! My colourful iphone cords came that day!!
They were such good props to take photos with the mani!!

Nice colour combo eh! XP

Here's a short tutorial for you guys!
The original can be found on @ohtamm's instagram! =)

1. Paint your base with white polish. I used OPI Alpine Snow (my fav). 
Don't forget the base coat!! 
2. Then use your dotting tool and put a medium sized dot on wherever on your nail and start dragging it to form a splatter shape. 
3. Repeat this on all nails till you're satisfied with the design.

GAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Weird tutorial!!
Oh well!! 

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