Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hokkaido cake - Delicious & Inspiring

Yoo hoo!!!!
I've taken a couple of days break and we're already in July!! 
><" matter what month it is, 
there will always be nail art =P
Ya know...there's been this hokkaido cake frenzy going on in pastry shops all over and I finally got to taste it thanks to my boyfriend's mum! ^^ 
I've tried Hokkaido cake before and it is super delicious and really luxurious so eating too much at a time would make you not want it for the next year! =P
This cake is basically the Hokkaido cake with cream in the middle! It's super yummy and super expensive sad to say =(...I tasted mine from RT Pastry. The packaging is a bit different from the photo above since I took it off the internet ><


The line didn't really come out well since I had just broken my nail so all my nails on my right hand were the end I had to paint it on my right hand T_T
Still came out pretty good if I do say so myself XP

That's it for now!! 
There's more coming especially since I'm on winter break now!
I'm gonna be flying off to Australia to further my studies soon...
I hope I can bring my collection over since it's not that big =)

Oh yeah!!

This was what happened to my nail after trying on a pair of shorts at Kitschen...
I was trying to push the pocket back into placed and it snapped clean off!!! 
This is what happens when I let them breathe~~ sighhhh

Oh well!! Thems the breaks! =P

See you in my next post! 

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