Friday, December 21, 2012

X'Mas '12 - Prezzies

Hey nail art lovers! ^^
Are you all done with your Christmas shopping yet?
I bet you aren't!! =P
Do you wrap your presents in bright green wrapping paper and tie it with a bright red ribbon? Maybe some of you do and some of you don't. 

Christmas colours are definitely red and green to me. 
Classic never gets old. How ironic.

Here's my Prezzie mani.

I really like this mani! 
I wish I would get a Christmas present wrapped like this XD
Wouldn't it be awesome?! 

Somehow...these days...I've been thinking of doing manis for other people but so far I've only done manis for friends and family. The main reason I don't what to do it to strangers is because I usually take a long time to paint depending on the design. Wouldn't it be so embarrassing to make your customer sit for like 4 hours straight while I paint her nails? Doing my own nails is one thing since I actually enjoy it but sitting down and doing nothing is just frustrating >< 

Sorry about the small rant peeps.
Needed the let out! 

Happy Holidays All!

P/S: Just in case you guys didn't know, I started making accessories and are selling them on XD If you haven't heard of etsy well I suggest you go to right NOW! =D

Here's one my best sellers!

Antique Silver Infinity Pluggy w/o Chain

One of my buyers told me that she bought this for her best friend as a Christmas present!
I was so happy when she shared it with me though the reason she started a convo with me in the first place was because her package hadn't arrived yet. In the end, the package was at the post office waiting to be collected =P 

If you guys haven't found a present yet for anyone.
If anyone at all, then how about this?

It makes me happy when you guys and everyone else out there likes my nail art designs and the accessories that I make!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

X'Mas '12 - A Sweet Candy Cane Christmas

What pops into your head when someone says Christmas?
How about candy canes!!

Christmas is just not complete unless you have had a candy cane! 
I remember this one Christmas when my aunt brought home a gigantic candy cane for me and it took me months to finish it! MONTHS!! It was THAT big >< 

Here's a candy cane mani that's a bit too big! 

Not sure if you guys can tell from the pics but I used wayyyyyyy too many layers of polish for this mani although it looks like a pretty normal french has 15 layers of polish ><
Why 15?
It's because I was really excited on trying out the jelly mani thing since I got a set of OPI mini NYC Ballet Petites and it ended up like that...

In the end, I could actually peel them off my nail completely intact as it was!
I forgot to take a pic of them tho ><

Oh well!
So as a reminder to you! Go get some candy canes and share them around!

X'Mas '12 - A very Domo Christmas

Jingle bells~ Jingle bells~
It's sounds like it's going to be a very merry Christmas!
You know why?
Because for the first time in my life, I'm going out for Christmas dinner with my boyfriend and friends! though it's a few days earlier 

Speak of the devil! 
I got the inspiration for this X'Mas mani from one of the girlfriends I'll be having dinner with! XD
You see rite...she was wearing this Domo t-shirt when we went out a while back then I kept staring at it for some reason then it finally hit me!! I should paint Domo Christmas nails!! XD 
So that's how this mani came to be! =D

Kinda failed on the floppy Christmas hats tho >< 
Oh well!! Domo is still Domo in the end and he is excited for X'Mas!! 


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X'Mas '12 - Santa Claus is coming to town~

Merry Christ...oops a little too early huh XP
Oh well!

As promised, here comes a Christmas mani! XD

Santa Claus is coming to town~~~tonight~~~ 
Santa nails is what I have on my nails now XD
I kinda made the belt a little too big thus only 2 button on his coat. LOL 
I think the gold sash and the initials on the buckle give it a nice touch no? 

Here's one mani! 
Keep an eye out on the others!


Hey there everyone.
Before I post up any Christmas designs I have to ask...
Have you heard about the Newton incident?
I'm pretty slow on these kinds of news but better late than never rite?
I was pretty shocked at what happened but what can't happen in this messed up world we live in now? 
Newton may be one of the big ones but we have to be aware that there are smaller and sometimes more terrible incidents happening out there. 

Nail artists on instagram have been passing on the hashtag #nailsfornewton around, asking nail art fans to paint white nails to pray for the poor children and others from the Newton incident that did not make it home for Christmas this year.

So here's my prayer for them...

I don't know why I haven't thought of this design before but it goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere...even in sadness....

FYI: The second pic is to show the glitter on the pinky finger since the effect in the first pic made it unnoticeable. 

Let their souls find peace...


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas is here a year later!

Hello nail art lovers!! 
I haven't blogged since the end of November it seems.
Have you guys been following my instagram @chronosz ? 
If you haven't then shame on you! Why?
Because all the Christmas designs are coming out!! XD

Any of you were following my blog last Christmas? 
If you were, you would know that I did the 
12 Days of Christmas Challenge.
Here's a recap of all the mani's I did last Christmas!
I'll include the links for all of them too ^^

Phew!! That was a lot of links! XP
So anywayz...for this Christmas I thought I would do a 
Christmas Nail Wheel!! Weeeeeee

I painted the designs that I had already painted on my nails first ^^
This is just a preview for you guys cause I would rather have different posts for each mani! XD

See you guys in the next X'Mas post!! 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bunny mouse?

Hello all! 

So how've you all been? 
Enjoying the holidays?
Am I being overly nice?
Yes, yes I am! 

Ok enough with the weird stuff.
So my brother and sis-in-law have been going to a bunch of dinners lately so my sis-in-law asked me, 

"Eh! When can you paint my nails ah? Remember the bunny nails I shared to you on Facebook? Can draw that ah?"

...ok so that isn't EXACTLY what she said but something along those lines =P

Yeah! So I drew some samples for her before attempting the actual thing since I couldn't find the photo she shared.

Had to pick the background colour too...couldn't really see the background colour in the end though ><'s the final product XD

Without filter

With filter

All photos were taken using instagram!
Do follow me yeah ^^

Her nails were more square-ish so the ears ended up a little too short thus making them look like little fat white mice XD 

All in all, still cute =D

Don't you love that feeling when you paint someone else's nails and the design comes out nicely ^^


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Instagram inspired

You should all know by now that I instagram a lot =P
----> @chronosz <----

There are so many awesome nail artists on insta and is a great way of getting inspiration for new mani ideas. So here's a mani I did referring to a tutorial on insta by this girl @simplenailartdesigns.

I am currently obsessed with effects so please excuse the effects and just stare at the mani XD
Here's another cliche from the Blast from the Past post!
I know I have no sense of colour coordination but I think maroon goes great with gold! Don't you?

This is a pretty simple mani to do but you have to be careful since the lines gotta be straight to be nice. I suggest a good stripping brush for this mani!


Paint splatter meets matte

Elo elo everyone
I thought I would mix it up a bit and use a different font this time XD

Alritey then!

I've always wanted to try out paintball!



You know the game where you get guys that shoot vegetable oil pellets at your friends using heavy ass guns while wearing super uncomfortable head gear?! 


So to commemorate my first paintball experience I thought splatter nails would be appropriate XD
I've done paint splatter nails before this.
Check it out HERE!

There are many different types of nail splatter styles and I thought I would try the literally SPLATTER technique where you take a brush and just splat the polish all over your nails. It didn't work for me though so I went for a different style XD

 Colour cliche I know but I find these colours are an awesome combo for splatter manis XD This pic is obviously from instagram =P 

For this splatter mani, I used a stripping brush and dipped the brush in polish and randomly drew on the OPI Alpine Snow coat I painted making sure that the whole length of the brush is on the nail. 

To make it more interesting, I topped it off with a matte top coat! Loving the matte effect on this mani XD

You guys should try this mani out! 
It's super fun and super easy to do XD


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Better late then never 21st

Hey guys! 
If you follow my instagram @chronosz, then you'll know that I just had my 21st birthday on the 11th of November XD I didn't really know what to paint for my special day but I think anything would be good since no mani can express the happiness I felt that day =)

Happy 21st Birthday to me! 

I've know for months now that I have so many pending manis to share with all you nail lovers and I always thought a post a day would do the trick but I don't think that'll work anymore so I'm just going to post as many as I want whenever I want! 


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back & Bark

Hello fellow human beings who love nail art XD
I've been back in Malaysia almost a week now and FINALLY got my hands on some mavala nail polish remover XD

If you follow my instagram @chronosz then you would know that I bought everything bottle in the store and reserved some from the next shipment XD
Stocking up for the future is so crucial I tell you! CRUCIAL!! 

Anyways, I broke a couple of my nails at the airport and was just heart broken </3
Oh well, that's what I get when I don't paint my nails or at least use nail envy for more than 2 weeks ><

Getting on with the mani!
Shorts nails always turn me off since I can't draw much on them 
not that I draw much in the first place 
so I usually stick to single colours and in this case RED 
my friend did give me and idea to make it less plain tho
Check it out! ^^

This is obviously from my instagram and with filter XD

And this is without the filter =)

I quite like the effect of it. This kinda makes it look like tree bark to me XD
Hence the title =P

Can't wait for my nails to grow back XD

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

Elo everyone! XD 

So I'm currently in Sydney for a week for a short holiday before flying back to Malaysia for the summer! XD And before the holiday I had to stop painting me nails cause I ran out of Mavala nail polish remover!! D8 I can see the shock in your eyes! I tried getting a temporary substitute a.k.a Cutex and it was the WORST decision of my LIFE!! I felt like I lost a day of my life each time I used it >< 

In the end, couldn't paint my nails for 3 weeks! D8 The shock!! and it's been doing bad things to my nails and cuticles!! BAD THINGS I TELL YOU!! Hell why am I telling you when I can show you?!

Horrible isn't it >< Nail broke and cuticles are dry like mad TT

Since I won't be able to paint the nail design I planned for Halloween in time for it so I thought I might as well post up some of the mini Halloween designs that I've already done XD If you want to get instant updates on nail designs and the deteriorating condition of my nails then follow my instagram at @chronosz but I have to warn you that there's more than nails in my instagram XD

 Without further a do!!!


Bloody drip nails

Star of david mani

So these are the two manis that I kinda painted for Halloween XD Hope you guys like it XD 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

SHINEE Dazzling Girl Inspired Mani

I am such a bad person ><
I haven't blogged since the beginning of August and it's already October...
I have been painting regularly but I haven't been posting it here ><
If you guys are curious of the mani's I've been doing since the last post...well you can follow my instagram @chronosz or you can wait till I actually get down to making a collage of them XD

So here's my Nail of the Day (NOTD) inspired by SHINEE's Dazzling Girl MV!

Sadly, I couldn't find proper pics of the inspirations lol so I'm just gonna tell you! XD

The pointer finger is inspired from Key's outfit! 
The middle finger is the feathery thing from Jonghyun's outfit.
The ring finger is from the background at the beginning of the MV!
The pinky finger is inspired from the puffy pink scarf I think that the girl wears.

Here's the MV if you haven't seen it XD

Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did! XD


Monday, August 6, 2012

Stained Glass

I'm back again!! XD
Ok! So this mani is like EVERYWHERE!! 
So what did I do?

Sorry about the smudging but the top coat did that =S
I was pretty satisfied about it...
For me rite...I used pastels colours along with one chrome polish.
I see this combo a lot with stained glass nails =)

Oh yeah! I did a small tutorial for it too! ^^
Don't think it helps tho =P
Check it out k! 

As usual, at the end I have my instagram photo of the mani which comes out the day after I paint them! XD If you have instagram then add me -> @chronosz 
You'll have to deal with pics from my daily life too so if you don't mind that then fine =)

Be back soon with the next mani! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blast into the past

Long time no see everyone!! 
I'm sorry I haven't been posting much >< 
I've been busy with classes and stuff and kinda lazy too...
I'm currently in Melbourne now doing the final year of my degree! ^^

I've checked my list and I've got like 10+ manis to post up D8
So here's from where I left off! 
I did this mani at the end of June. 

OK! So I got the inspiration for this from a book!
You know those really old leather cover books with the gold fonts?!
I found it so pretty that I just had to paint it =)

Took pics of it with one of my necklaces...looks good yeah XD

Well! Here's to my come back post!! 
Shall watermark the rest of the pics so that I won't have an excuse not to post anymore! XD


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunny and lace-y

Hey all!
So I got the inspiration for this mani from my friend's dress but after actually painting it on my didn't really look like the dress in the end =P oh well!! turned out fine XD
I painted it on my right hand since the nails on my left were still growing out =D

The lace turned out funny XD Hahahaha
Well I don't really have much to say about this mani. 
Pretty simple one actually =P

I'll be posting in chronological order so I've done these manis quite sometime ago actually ><

Stay tuned for more!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hokkaido cake - Delicious & Inspiring

Yoo hoo!!!!
I've taken a couple of days break and we're already in July!! 
><" matter what month it is, 
there will always be nail art =P
Ya know...there's been this hokkaido cake frenzy going on in pastry shops all over and I finally got to taste it thanks to my boyfriend's mum! ^^ 
I've tried Hokkaido cake before and it is super delicious and really luxurious so eating too much at a time would make you not want it for the next year! =P
This cake is basically the Hokkaido cake with cream in the middle! It's super yummy and super expensive sad to say =(...I tasted mine from RT Pastry. The packaging is a bit different from the photo above since I took it off the internet ><


The line didn't really come out well since I had just broken my nail so all my nails on my right hand were the end I had to paint it on my right hand T_T
Still came out pretty good if I do say so myself XP

That's it for now!! 
There's more coming especially since I'm on winter break now!
I'm gonna be flying off to Australia to further my studies soon...
I hope I can bring my collection over since it's not that big =)

Oh yeah!!

This was what happened to my nail after trying on a pair of shorts at Kitschen...
I was trying to push the pocket back into placed and it snapped clean off!!! 
This is what happens when I let them breathe~~ sighhhh

Oh well!! Thems the breaks! =P

See you in my next post! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Paint splatter mani!!

Elo elo!!
I've always wanted to do a paint splatter mani but it looked so messy so I didn't try it...yet!
This girl on instagram had her own image of paint splatter mani!
It was so cute I had to try it! XD

Her username on instagram is 
She's got some pretty cool designs and tutorials!
Check her out! 

This is really cool and fun mani to do! XD

Oooohhhh!!! My colourful iphone cords came that day!!
They were such good props to take photos with the mani!!

Nice colour combo eh! XP

Here's a short tutorial for you guys!
The original can be found on @ohtamm's instagram! =)

1. Paint your base with white polish. I used OPI Alpine Snow (my fav). 
Don't forget the base coat!! 
2. Then use your dotting tool and put a medium sized dot on wherever on your nail and start dragging it to form a splatter shape. 
3. Repeat this on all nails till you're satisfied with the design.

GAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Weird tutorial!!
Oh well!! 

Roses never get old~

Hello All!!

Rose designs never get old...don't you think so?
I got this design from a girl on instagram!
Go check her designs out if you have the app!

The pics with the '@chronosz' watermark can all be found on my instagram! =)
I had a lot of fun with this mani! 
Roses are just plain cool to paint on you nails!! XD
Oh! I'm really into yellow now! Totally love using my Chinaglaze Happy-Go-Lucky polish! 

On a different note!

I did this mani when I was just too plain lazy to draw nail art =P 
Matte chrome silver french tips! ^^

That's all for now! 
Stay tuned for more!!