Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back & Bark

Hello fellow human beings who love nail art XD
I've been back in Malaysia almost a week now and FINALLY got my hands on some mavala nail polish remover XD

If you follow my instagram @chronosz then you would know that I bought everything bottle in the store and reserved some from the next shipment XD
Stocking up for the future is so crucial I tell you! CRUCIAL!! 

Anyways, I broke a couple of my nails at the airport and was just heart broken </3
Oh well, that's what I get when I don't paint my nails or at least use nail envy for more than 2 weeks ><

Getting on with the mani!
Shorts nails always turn me off since I can't draw much on them 
not that I draw much in the first place 
so I usually stick to single colours and in this case RED 
my friend did give me and idea to make it less plain tho
Check it out! ^^

This is obviously from my instagram and with filter XD

And this is without the filter =)

I quite like the effect of it. This kinda makes it look like tree bark to me XD
Hence the title =P

Can't wait for my nails to grow back XD

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