Sunday, November 3, 2013

NDLacquers - A Night in Cannes Swatch

Elo elo!
I've got another NDLaquers swatch for you and if you've read the previous post then you'll know what you're in for!

Say hello to 'A Night in Cannes'.

A Night in Cannes is a turquoise jelly polish with aqua and maroon flakes! I fell in love the moment I saw the swatch!
The colour in the photos above are achieved with 4-5 layers. Since it's a jelly polish, it is super sheer but the glitter makes it opaque so remember to spread the glitter evenly for a nice opaque shade. 

Can't wait for Natali to make more! 
Check out her etsy shop!

Till next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

NDLacquers - Lovers in Louvre Swatch

Hello all!
I was supposed to post all my Halloween manis for the rest of the challenge but I couldn't help myself from posting this first! XD

NDLacquers is an indie brand run by Natali D'Abbraccio. She just released her first collection 'Viva La France'. From that collection I got 2 polishes; A Night in Cannes and Lovers in Louvre. 

Lovers in Louvre is a clear base polish chock full of glitter! XD 
It is super duper pretty!!
Check out the photos!  

Base: 2 layers of OPI Alpine Snow
This is 1 layer of Lovers in Louvre.

This is 2 layers. 

Closest macro I could take with my digital camera.

Lovers in Louvre is filled with colourful micro glitters plus chunks of black, red, blue and silver hexagonal glitters of different sizes. 

With glitter, comes great responsibility! XD
I prefer 2 layers as if has more coverage over the nail but be warned!, it is a bit messy and it'll make your nail super fat XD That's how i feel! Hahaha!

This has just become one of my favorite glitter polishes!
Thanks Natali!

If you want to purchase any of her polishes please visit her etsy shop at NDLacquers.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pusheen Love Emoji

Bonjour mon amis!!
Trying to use different ways to say hi!

Things have been complicated lately and my friend keeps sending me this really adorable Pusheen Emoji on Facebook to cheer me up!

Cute rite!!!

Was so grateful for this so decided to paint it on my nail! 

It kinda smudge when I put the topcoat on ><

Close up on Pusheen. 
BEFORE it smudged!

Insta pic
The filter makes it seem more cute in a way. 

This is dedicated to my babe who has been by be through good times and bad!
Thanks dear! 
You know who you are! 

#HalloweenChallenge2013 Day 5 - Zombie

Hello all!
More challenge manis!
So October 5th's theme is zombie...
(did you just think the gwahhhhhh in a zombie voice?)

As you can see, I am terrible at drawing zombies...thus only the hand it visible! XD
I was going for a gory look for the framed nails...I think it looks good =)

This is the pic with the instagram filter.
I think it looks more gory! Which is awesome! XD

That's it for this post!
The next theme is witches which I am quite excited about!
I've got some designs prepared and might be using some konad stamps as well 

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new month and a new challenge! - LacquerDreams #HalloweenChallenge2013 - Day 1 - Ghosts

Hey all!
So it's finally Ocotober! 
The months just seem to past by so fast, I have less than a month of my degree life to go through and into reality I go! 
This month, the challenges all revolve around Halloween and of course @californails came out with a challenge of her own but I decided to challenge myself to LacquerDreams' which I found from @nadeekay's profile instead. 


Not to sound mean but @califonails challenge for the month has much easier themes than LacquerDreams' challenge. As you can see, the first theme is GHOSTS!
Did I scare you? =P 

I really love this mani! 
The ombre turned out well, the shape of the stamp is clear on the pointer finger, and the ghosts are cute and scary! Well, that's what I think =)
It looks better with the Instagram filter too!

Am I right or am I RIGHT! 

That's it for this post!
Look forward to the next theme!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#Nailartsep 28 - Animal Print

Hey nail art peeps!
It is the 1st of October and this post is late I know...kinda got confused over something. 

The last theme on @californails #nailartsep challenge is on the 31ST of September...which does not exist...
I thought there was a 31st until today turned out to be the 1st of October! XD 

Anyway, this is for the 28th of September and the theme is ANIMAL PRINT!

I seriously had a lot of fun making this mani.
Because all of the animal prints on this mani is from 5 different konad and bundle monster stamping plates! XD
What I have learnt from stamping with normal nail polish is that the patter will always come out very light. To make it look better, I coloured the patterns in like a little kid XD 

I think this is my best mani for the challenge! ^^

Regarding the ghostly 31st of September, I didn't paint anything in plaid but I'm wearing a plaid skirt!

I deem this acceptable!
@californails #nailartsep challenge 

Look forward to the next challenge!

Monday, September 30, 2013

#Nailartsep 26 - Water colour/Water marbling

Me again! 
More of @californails #nailartsep challenge on Instagram!
For the 26th, the theme was water colour and there is a nail art technique to create a beautiful water colour effect on your nails which I tried out of course.
I did a trial run before painting the actual mani which ended in DISASTER.
Didn't get the chance to take a photo of it but you wouldn't want to see it would go blind...*just kidding* XD

I followed this Youtube tute for the water colour effect!
Maybe you guys would get a better result than I did!

Getting back onto the challenge!
Since the water colour did not work I decided to do some water marbling =)
Like a lot of others, my first time water marbling was HORRIBLE!
This is probably my fourth or fifth time doing it and I think I've improved a lot.
I still need to find out how to get a nice pattern onto my nail though XD

Here's what I got.

I am obviously still in love with this polish but on the other hand, my choice of colours was seriously BAD! I don't think the colours gelled at all! The middle finger would be the best among the lot. 

That's it for this post!
More to come!

#Nailartsep 22 - Nature

Hey guys...
I feel like *flip table*-ing on myself! 
I wrote on instagram that I would post this the day after challenge but no such thing...
I can't really recall why the mani is so bad, I know there were multiple things going wrong the day before thus the horrible effort nature mani. obviously I am still experimenting with the konad plates.
FYI! I received my parcel from Bundle Monster and am in LOVE with the patterns! ^^
I think among all the nails, the little finger looks the most presentable.

I wish that I could finish all my assignments so that I could concentrate on nail art but that's just me dreaming! Another 3 more weeks and another life challenge is waiting for me after that! Nail art will forever be my salvation from the hardships of life. Although, you can tell what kind of mood I'm in from the details of the mani! =P

Anywayz, I am 3 posts late with @californails #nailartsep challenge so I better get to blogging!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Konad, konad, & more konad!

This is my third post in a row for the night!
Not really a big achievement but I'm supposed to be in bed right now >< I got to more stamping with my konad plates.
Quite happy with the turnout!

Looks pretty good yeah!
The plates I used from the left:
m79 m73 m78 m60

Kinda order Bundle Monster plates a while ago.
My hand just moved on their own and clicked the order button on the website! >< 
Can't wait for them to arrive! 
I've always seen BM designs all over and they are amazing but it isn't just the design that makes the mani amazing but the person who painted it. The nail artist is the person that controls the design. 

That's it for this post! 
More to come for sure!

Miss Ashleigh Thermal Polish Kryptonite Swatch

I've got a good one for you guys! 

Yup! This awesome thermal polish chocked full of glitter!
Well! I got another one from her recently!

From the name, one can already tell that the polish is green in colour.
Unless you haven't heard of Superman
Like all Miss Ashleigh polishes, you get a beautiful opaque shade with 2 layers. 
It doesn't chip as fast as other nail polish and it's healthier than other store bought polishes. 
Enough talk! Here comes the photos!

Kryptonite is a green based polish with a slight shimmer. It is dark green when cold and bright green when hot. As usual, my body temperature is so hot that I usually get a nice french looking mani as can be seen on the bottom left of the collage above. French mani in bottle! Cool rite! XD 

I was also playing around with studs since I haven't used them much and this is what came out of it!

Seriously amazing how I can have so many different types of manis with one polish!
I absolutely love it! I could stare at my nails all day and I did!

Check out her polishes at

Cheers for now!

#Nailartsep 19 - Feathers

'Even though it hurts, I can't slow down
Walls are closing in and I hit the ground
Whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind
Just one last time~~~'

Sorry for the singing hello but I'm seriously addicted to David Guetta's song Just One Last Time at the moment. Oh yes and I am late once again with posting. Gonna get hectic with the end of my final semester but I'll pull through. I CAN and I WILL!

For the 19th of September, the theme was feathers. 
I did a really nice feather design before coupled with a dream catcher...I think...It was so hard to find the photo in my phone gallery!
Remembering that mani kinda made my head swell and in the end was wayyyyyyy too confident with drawing the feathers and it ended up super crappy. =(

The final result!

 As you can see, I am still super curious about konad. There was a feather design on one of the plates so tried it out. Was going for a 'leaves falling in Autumn' kind of feel. The colour was so light that you can't really see the feathers but it's the better compared to the free hand feathers. The yellow feather is the worst! It looks like a durian now...

I realize that I am getting very lazy in my designs. I have to admit that assignments are piling up but nail art is way for me to relax. Doesn't really help when the design comes out bad but @californails nail art challenge gives me something to paint. If I had to think of my own themes to paint then I think I would be stressed out of my mind by now! 

A lot more posts are coming your way people! 
Get prepared!

Monday, September 16, 2013

#Nailartsep 16 - Fav. Flower

Hello all!
Today is Malaysia Day and I'm a Malaysian NOT in Malaysia...
Oh well!
So for @californails #nailartsep Day 16, the theme is my favorite flower. 

And what is my favorite flower?
It is...

my favorite mani and I have to say that I am so sad for my favorite flower for painting it so badly...=(

I used China Glaze Happy-Go-Lucky for the flowers with was sunny enough but it was really hard to tell where the petals ended. So, I used China Glaze Solar Power which is a darker gold shimmer polish to outline the petals which did not work so well. =(
It became worse when I added the gold stud...

I outlined the petals with black polish this the morning after just to see if this would look better. 
I could only do one nail since I had to rush for class. 
I do think that it looks so much better after the black outline was added.
I think the yellow only petals would work with acrylic which I wish I have but don't. ><

I guess that's it for this post! 
Can't wait to do the next theme!

Friday, September 13, 2013

#Nailartsep 13 - Glitter

Another day, another mani.
So today's theme is glitter!
I'm not really a big fan of glitter especially since removing it is such a hassle.
I don't really like this mani...I was going for a simple look but I really wanted to play with the studs I just bought thus it came out like this.

I really like the stud gradient but as usual, nothing can stick on my nail.
I might consider using nail glue but I don't like what it does to the nail.
I've been using top coat to stick fimos, studs and rhinestones on.
The glitter is OPI Teenage Dream!
I haven't used this polish in so long...I remember the first time I ordered a set of OPI minis and it was the Katy Perry series!

I really want the Mariah Carey liquid sand series as well as the OPI neon generation set! 
Can't wait to get them!!

That's it for this mani!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Konad noob in the house!

Konad noob here!
Ha ha ha ! 

Hey guys!
I got a whole bunch of konad plates from and is super into trying to stamp stuff on my nails now!

This is my nail mail from that day! Konad plates, studs, brushes and was surprised to find an extra hello kitty nail decal as a gift!

Here's my NOTD!
This is actually NOT my first time using konad plates.
I tried it out when I firstly started doing nail art...which was around 3 years ago... fast do the years past!
I wasn't all that good at it back then and I don't think that I'm any good at it now either.
I do think that this came out pretty nicely! =)

For the base, I used Dotti Light Blue!
I just grabbed this off the store counter because it was so pretty and absolutely NO regrets whatsoever! Light blue is a great polish which is easy to apply, opaque and even in 2 coats, and does not stain!
The pattern is from the konad plate M65.

I couldn't help myself from trying out the plates as soon as I could.
Behind the scenes notes; while I had the football mani on my left hand, I had a different mani on my right!
Kinda hard to see the clouds. Mostly because it wasn't stamped well and there isn't much of a contrast between the colours. I just thought it would match and it would look cute! ^^

I used this plate for this mani.
Sorry for the unrefined edges of the plates.
Been experimenting with Photoshop which obviously did not come out well.
Oh well! Live and let learn!

If you guys haven't tried out konad then I suggest you do! 
It's pretty fun and simple to use. 
That's it for this post!

P/S: I've already painted the next mani for @californails #Nailartsep 13!
Look forward to it! 

#Nailartsep 11 - Football

Hello all!
I'm a day late on this one, better than the last few. =P
So for the 11th of September, the theme for @californails #Nailartsep is Football.
Just to make things a bit more clear...

In Malaysia, we call this a football.
Photo credits to

And, we call this a rugby ball.
Photo credits to

Thus my mani looks like this.
So sorry about the horrible lighting >< 
There was no sun so had to make due. 
Really really basic and the pentagons aren't so sharp...I was trying out this new brush I just got from

That's it for this post! XD
Wonder what's next!

Monday, September 9, 2013

#Nailartsep 07 - School

Woo hoo!
It's back to school baby!
Or in my case, back to uni!

So for the 7th of September, the theme was 'School'.
I've done school themed nails before and a lot of nail artists have been doing them recently. Especially with cutepolish's video on it!

This is what I came up with. 
I had the image of an evolving school life.
Like how we used chalkboards before whiteboards and markers.
And how we used paper instead of laptops and computers.

I may not be able to write on a chalkboard or white board again as I move on to work life but I am grateful to have the experience of using them in my life unlike many students now that have not. 

That's it for this mani!
The next mani is due on the 11th so look forward to it!

P/S: Here are the links to my other school manis. 

#Nailartsep 04 - Gold & Teal

Hey nail art lovers!
Sorry this is a few days late but I swear I did it on the right day! 

So as I've said in my previous post, I am currently attempting @californails Nail Art September Challenge on Instagram!
So for the 4th the month, the theme is Gold & Teal.
Frankly speaking, I had no idea what colour Teal is...and I don't I will be able to differentiate Teal from the green colours ><

Anyway, this is what I ended up with!

With my personality, if you said pink & green only then I would only used those colours which gives me a hell of a headache when coming up with designs. 
Which includes other aspects in life with similar situations.
However, I have learnt that it is not necessary to only use these two colours, as long as the main point of the design is of the two colours. 
So, breaking out of my insecurities little by little I used black and white polishes as well as gold and teal in the mani. 
Although, some people do not consider black and white colours.

I hope those with the same problem as I are able to improve.

That's it for this post! 
I have another mani for the 7th which was 2 days ago.
Sorry for the untimeliness but I seriously assure you that I painted them on the right day!
If you don't believe me then check my instagram at @chronosz


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miss Ashleigh Supernova Swatch

Yo everyone! 
So this is FINALLY happening!
A swatch on a super cool thermal polish by Miss Ashleigh!
And it's called...


The polish is deep purple polish with silver glitter and chucks of pink and silver hexagonal glitter pieces WHEN IT'S COLD!

The polish turns blue when the temperature increases. 
Be it from the surrounding temperature or your own body heat!

This is the polish when it is transitioning from one colour to the other.

Here's a collage of the whole thermal polish process!

Here's a video from my instragram @chronosz of the transition.

I seriously love this polish! 
It's so pretty, it doesn't chip like other polishes, it's easy application with the exception of trying to get the glitter onto the nail! 
Besides, it's super fun to look down once in a while to see what colour they are!
Mine are usual blue since I have high body temperature! =P

That's it for this post! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September...A Month of Challenges...Day 1

Hello all!
It is the 1st of September,
I am currently on Spring break,
Today is my mother's birthday,
and it is the first day of @californails #nailartsept challenge!

The first deems it is time for camo nails!
Camo is short for camouflage...if you didn't already know! XD
This is actually my first time attempting camo nails. 
I don't think it's the best but looks good to me! 

Look forward to more designs yeah!
I've got a really great swatch for you guys which I will upload tonight.
That's it for this post.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Hey there! 
So today, the 31st of August is Malaysia's Independence Day!! 
Wooo Hooo!!
*cracked open a bottle of wine*

Anywayz! So this is my mani for this years MERDEKA!

Inspired by the Malaysian flag but was too lazy to draw the star properly...
There's also the problem that I can't draw the star for nuts! ><

I actually painted one last year but it seems that it's not on the blog?
If it is, I can't find it...
Here it is anyway! 

The star is the correct shape but still wrong FYI...
The only reason this years design looks nicer is because I took the time to use striping tape! 

This is how my nails looked with the tape on.

A lot of tape...I know...

Anywayz! That's it for this post!
Happy Birthday Malaysia!