Sunday, September 22, 2013

#Nailartsep 19 - Feathers

'Even though it hurts, I can't slow down
Walls are closing in and I hit the ground
Whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind
Just one last time~~~'

Sorry for the singing hello but I'm seriously addicted to David Guetta's song Just One Last Time at the moment. Oh yes and I am late once again with posting. Gonna get hectic with the end of my final semester but I'll pull through. I CAN and I WILL!

For the 19th of September, the theme was feathers. 
I did a really nice feather design before coupled with a dream catcher...I think...It was so hard to find the photo in my phone gallery!
Remembering that mani kinda made my head swell and in the end was wayyyyyyy too confident with drawing the feathers and it ended up super crappy. =(

The final result!

 As you can see, I am still super curious about konad. There was a feather design on one of the plates so tried it out. Was going for a 'leaves falling in Autumn' kind of feel. The colour was so light that you can't really see the feathers but it's the better compared to the free hand feathers. The yellow feather is the worst! It looks like a durian now...

I realize that I am getting very lazy in my designs. I have to admit that assignments are piling up but nail art is way for me to relax. Doesn't really help when the design comes out bad but @californails nail art challenge gives me something to paint. If I had to think of my own themes to paint then I think I would be stressed out of my mind by now! 

A lot more posts are coming your way people! 
Get prepared!

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