Monday, September 30, 2013

#Nailartsep 26 - Water colour/Water marbling

Me again! 
More of @californails #nailartsep challenge on Instagram!
For the 26th, the theme was water colour and there is a nail art technique to create a beautiful water colour effect on your nails which I tried out of course.
I did a trial run before painting the actual mani which ended in DISASTER.
Didn't get the chance to take a photo of it but you wouldn't want to see it would go blind...*just kidding* XD

I followed this Youtube tute for the water colour effect!
Maybe you guys would get a better result than I did!

Getting back onto the challenge!
Since the water colour did not work I decided to do some water marbling =)
Like a lot of others, my first time water marbling was HORRIBLE!
This is probably my fourth or fifth time doing it and I think I've improved a lot.
I still need to find out how to get a nice pattern onto my nail though XD

Here's what I got.

I am obviously still in love with this polish but on the other hand, my choice of colours was seriously BAD! I don't think the colours gelled at all! The middle finger would be the best among the lot. 

That's it for this post!
More to come!

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