Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#Nailartsep 28 - Animal Print

Hey nail art peeps!
It is the 1st of October and this post is late I know...kinda got confused over something. 

The last theme on @californails #nailartsep challenge is on the 31ST of September...which does not exist...
I thought there was a 31st until today turned out to be the 1st of October! XD 

Anyway, this is for the 28th of September and the theme is ANIMAL PRINT!

I seriously had a lot of fun making this mani.
Because all of the animal prints on this mani is from 5 different konad and bundle monster stamping plates! XD
What I have learnt from stamping with normal nail polish is that the patter will always come out very light. To make it look better, I coloured the patterns in like a little kid XD 

I think this is my best mani for the challenge! ^^

Regarding the ghostly 31st of September, I didn't paint anything in plaid but I'm wearing a plaid skirt!

I deem this acceptable!
@californails #nailartsep challenge 

Look forward to the next challenge!

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