Friday, May 23, 2014

Mr Men & Little Miss

Hello Everyone! 
How are you all today? 
Today's story begins with another story. 

photo credits to 

I love Mr Men and Little Miss stories! Don't you?? Of course you do! =D
I've been trying to find the whole collection but of course when I finally find one it's super duper extremely over my budget. =( 

So here's today's mani featuring Little Miss Bad, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Bump & Mr Happy! 

Seriously want a thinner brush...I'm too scared to trim it myself >< Been trying to source nice detailing brushes. Do let me know if you guys know anywhere with good ones. =)

That's it for this post! 
Cheers! ^^ 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stamping Fever!

Elo Elo!
I've been super into konad recently and my current fav is Bundle Monster's 'Create Your Own' Collection 2013 (CYO 2013).

photo credit to

Yeah! So those are the plates included in the collection. Who says that freestyle is the only way to go!
I used to be so against using konad since the first time I used it and it turned out to fugly! >< 

But after getting slightly better I wanna find more ways to create manis with them! 

Here are some of the mani I did with the CYO 2013. 

Really like the binary code mani! I really want proper konad polishes now tho. The normal nail polish doesn't stick as much and sometimes ends up super light.

Definitely going to try out more designs and never forgetting to do some freestyle! Venturing out into another style of nail art soon!

That's it for now!
Cheers! ^^

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Lazy Blogger

Hey guys!
I seriously have nothing to say anymore...
I have been away from blogging for nearly half a year now...
I can't really say I was busy since I did have my bored moments here and then where I was able to blog...



If you guys follow me on instagram @chronosz (do note that this is my personal account and is not nails only), then you'll know that I have finally graduated with a Bachelor in Media from RMIT University! ^^

Whoopie! It was a bit hectic near the end of 2013. Went on a graduation trip to Tasmania, went back to Malaysia for my birthday, flew back to Melbourne for a roadtrip from Sydney to Melbourne with my parents and boyfriend, GRADUATED! and flew back the next day for good!

Yup! That was such a rush and I came back to a reunion dinner at that! So here I am 5 months into 2014 working a desk job! >< 

I've finally gotten used to work I know it took damn long and blogging again. Well not blogging doesn't mean I haven't been painting my nails! ^^

Here's my first mani back! Painted this for my grandfather's 82nd Birthday Party last Saturday.

Polishes are OPI Bubble Bath and NDLacquers Lovers in Lourve. 
Isn't the glitter oh so pretty! 

Natali from NDLacquers mixes such pretty colours! Her newest collection is glowy blacklight polishes! So awesome!!! 

Check them out on her website

That's it for the memory lane post! See you guys! 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

NDLacquers - A Night in Cannes Swatch

Elo elo!
I've got another NDLaquers swatch for you and if you've read the previous post then you'll know what you're in for!

Say hello to 'A Night in Cannes'.

A Night in Cannes is a turquoise jelly polish with aqua and maroon flakes! I fell in love the moment I saw the swatch!
The colour in the photos above are achieved with 4-5 layers. Since it's a jelly polish, it is super sheer but the glitter makes it opaque so remember to spread the glitter evenly for a nice opaque shade. 

Can't wait for Natali to make more! 
Check out her etsy shop!

Till next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

NDLacquers - Lovers in Louvre Swatch

Hello all!
I was supposed to post all my Halloween manis for the rest of the challenge but I couldn't help myself from posting this first! XD

NDLacquers is an indie brand run by Natali D'Abbraccio. She just released her first collection 'Viva La France'. From that collection I got 2 polishes; A Night in Cannes and Lovers in Louvre. 

Lovers in Louvre is a clear base polish chock full of glitter! XD 
It is super duper pretty!!
Check out the photos!  

Base: 2 layers of OPI Alpine Snow
This is 1 layer of Lovers in Louvre.

This is 2 layers. 

Closest macro I could take with my digital camera.

Lovers in Louvre is filled with colourful micro glitters plus chunks of black, red, blue and silver hexagonal glitters of different sizes. 

With glitter, comes great responsibility! XD
I prefer 2 layers as if has more coverage over the nail but be warned!, it is a bit messy and it'll make your nail super fat XD That's how i feel! Hahaha!

This has just become one of my favorite glitter polishes!
Thanks Natali!

If you want to purchase any of her polishes please visit her etsy shop at NDLacquers.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pusheen Love Emoji

Bonjour mon amis!!
Trying to use different ways to say hi!

Things have been complicated lately and my friend keeps sending me this really adorable Pusheen Emoji on Facebook to cheer me up!

Cute rite!!!

Was so grateful for this so decided to paint it on my nail! 

It kinda smudge when I put the topcoat on ><

Close up on Pusheen. 
BEFORE it smudged!

Insta pic
The filter makes it seem more cute in a way. 

This is dedicated to my babe who has been by be through good times and bad!
Thanks dear! 
You know who you are! 

#HalloweenChallenge2013 Day 5 - Zombie

Hello all!
More challenge manis!
So October 5th's theme is zombie...
(did you just think the gwahhhhhh in a zombie voice?)

As you can see, I am terrible at drawing zombies...thus only the hand it visible! XD
I was going for a gory look for the framed nails...I think it looks good =)

This is the pic with the instagram filter.
I think it looks more gory! Which is awesome! XD

That's it for this post!
The next theme is witches which I am quite excited about!
I've got some designs prepared and might be using some konad stamps as well 

Till next time!