Sunday, November 3, 2013

NDLacquers - A Night in Cannes Swatch

Elo elo!
I've got another NDLaquers swatch for you and if you've read the previous post then you'll know what you're in for!

Say hello to 'A Night in Cannes'.

A Night in Cannes is a turquoise jelly polish with aqua and maroon flakes! I fell in love the moment I saw the swatch!
The colour in the photos above are achieved with 4-5 layers. Since it's a jelly polish, it is super sheer but the glitter makes it opaque so remember to spread the glitter evenly for a nice opaque shade. 

Can't wait for Natali to make more! 
Check out her etsy shop!

Till next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

NDLacquers - Lovers in Louvre Swatch

Hello all!
I was supposed to post all my Halloween manis for the rest of the challenge but I couldn't help myself from posting this first! XD

NDLacquers is an indie brand run by Natali D'Abbraccio. She just released her first collection 'Viva La France'. From that collection I got 2 polishes; A Night in Cannes and Lovers in Louvre. 

Lovers in Louvre is a clear base polish chock full of glitter! XD 
It is super duper pretty!!
Check out the photos!  

Base: 2 layers of OPI Alpine Snow
This is 1 layer of Lovers in Louvre.

This is 2 layers. 

Closest macro I could take with my digital camera.

Lovers in Louvre is filled with colourful micro glitters plus chunks of black, red, blue and silver hexagonal glitters of different sizes. 

With glitter, comes great responsibility! XD
I prefer 2 layers as if has more coverage over the nail but be warned!, it is a bit messy and it'll make your nail super fat XD That's how i feel! Hahaha!

This has just become one of my favorite glitter polishes!
Thanks Natali!

If you want to purchase any of her polishes please visit her etsy shop at NDLacquers.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pusheen Love Emoji

Bonjour mon amis!!
Trying to use different ways to say hi!

Things have been complicated lately and my friend keeps sending me this really adorable Pusheen Emoji on Facebook to cheer me up!

Cute rite!!!

Was so grateful for this so decided to paint it on my nail! 

It kinda smudge when I put the topcoat on ><

Close up on Pusheen. 
BEFORE it smudged!

Insta pic
The filter makes it seem more cute in a way. 

This is dedicated to my babe who has been by be through good times and bad!
Thanks dear! 
You know who you are! 

#HalloweenChallenge2013 Day 5 - Zombie

Hello all!
More challenge manis!
So October 5th's theme is zombie...
(did you just think the gwahhhhhh in a zombie voice?)

As you can see, I am terrible at drawing zombies...thus only the hand it visible! XD
I was going for a gory look for the framed nails...I think it looks good =)

This is the pic with the instagram filter.
I think it looks more gory! Which is awesome! XD

That's it for this post!
The next theme is witches which I am quite excited about!
I've got some designs prepared and might be using some konad stamps as well 

Till next time!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A new month and a new challenge! - LacquerDreams #HalloweenChallenge2013 - Day 1 - Ghosts

Hey all!
So it's finally Ocotober! 
The months just seem to past by so fast, I have less than a month of my degree life to go through and into reality I go! 
This month, the challenges all revolve around Halloween and of course @californails came out with a challenge of her own but I decided to challenge myself to LacquerDreams' which I found from @nadeekay's profile instead. 


Not to sound mean but @califonails challenge for the month has much easier themes than LacquerDreams' challenge. As you can see, the first theme is GHOSTS!
Did I scare you? =P 

I really love this mani! 
The ombre turned out well, the shape of the stamp is clear on the pointer finger, and the ghosts are cute and scary! Well, that's what I think =)
It looks better with the Instagram filter too!

Am I right or am I RIGHT! 

That's it for this post!
Look forward to the next theme!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

#Nailartsep 28 - Animal Print

Hey nail art peeps!
It is the 1st of October and this post is late I know...kinda got confused over something. 

The last theme on @californails #nailartsep challenge is on the 31ST of September...which does not exist...
I thought there was a 31st until today turned out to be the 1st of October! XD 

Anyway, this is for the 28th of September and the theme is ANIMAL PRINT!

I seriously had a lot of fun making this mani.
Because all of the animal prints on this mani is from 5 different konad and bundle monster stamping plates! XD
What I have learnt from stamping with normal nail polish is that the patter will always come out very light. To make it look better, I coloured the patterns in like a little kid XD 

I think this is my best mani for the challenge! ^^

Regarding the ghostly 31st of September, I didn't paint anything in plaid but I'm wearing a plaid skirt!

I deem this acceptable!
@californails #nailartsep challenge 

Look forward to the next challenge!

Monday, September 30, 2013

#Nailartsep 26 - Water colour/Water marbling

Me again! 
More of @californails #nailartsep challenge on Instagram!
For the 26th, the theme was water colour and there is a nail art technique to create a beautiful water colour effect on your nails which I tried out of course.
I did a trial run before painting the actual mani which ended in DISASTER.
Didn't get the chance to take a photo of it but you wouldn't want to see it would go blind...*just kidding* XD

I followed this Youtube tute for the water colour effect!
Maybe you guys would get a better result than I did!

Getting back onto the challenge!
Since the water colour did not work I decided to do some water marbling =)
Like a lot of others, my first time water marbling was HORRIBLE!
This is probably my fourth or fifth time doing it and I think I've improved a lot.
I still need to find out how to get a nice pattern onto my nail though XD

Here's what I got.

I am obviously still in love with this polish but on the other hand, my choice of colours was seriously BAD! I don't think the colours gelled at all! The middle finger would be the best among the lot. 

That's it for this post!
More to come!