Sunday, July 26, 2015

Paper Towns | Get Lost To Get Found

Hi all! 

About a week ago, I entered an insta contest hosted by Warner Music Malaysia and won two tickets to the premiere of Paper Towns. I have not watched The Fault In Our Stars yet but I've heard good things. So, coming from the same author it was expected to be a good movie. 

I was a tad bit disappointed with how Warner Music managed the competition especially when winners wanted to collect their tickets. We got our tickets 10 minutes before the movie started and I admit that I was worried that we would be late but we weren't. All's good that ends well. 

Anyway, with my tendency to paint designs based on events - here's a Paper Towns inspired one. 

Colours used:

Base coat - Essence Ultra Strong Nail Hardener
White - OPI Alpine Snow & Acrylic Paint
Black - Laval & Acrylic Paint
Top Coat - Miss Ashleigh Matte Hatter

As for my review on the movie, it didn't turn out to be a regular romcom but I liked how the story flowed. There was laughing and crying involved but John Green paints a pretty realistic view on knowing oneself and unrequited love as well as friendship. I would give it a 6/10. Thanks Warner Music Malaysia for the tickets! 

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