Friday, July 10, 2015

How About A Grasshopper Pie?

Hey guys! 

Following up on my iScream nails stash, here's the first swatch with Grasshopper Pie!

Actually, before I knew the name of the polish I thought it was going to be mint something. It was quite a surprise when it turned out to be grasshopper pie! Now every time I see the polish, I'll be thinking of grasshoppers! LOL Not that it's a bad thing. LOL

Anyway, here's the swatch! 

Grasshopper pie is mint green which is a bit pastel and a bit neon at the same time which would qualify it as a pastel neon. Duh! In my opinion, 5 out of 6 of the polishes are pastel neons. The swatch is 3 layers over a layer of OPI Alpine Snow a.k.a. my favourite white polish! I don't find it streaky but it does leave blotches thus why I needed 3 layers. Also, I tend to paint pastels over a layer of white polish now to give it an extra UMPH! and brightness. 

Personally, Grasshopper Pie is one of my favourites among the polishes. I love minty colours and mint colours that actually stand out above the rest are totally worth it. 

On the other hand (literally), here's the nail art I did with it as a base. I noticed a surplus of chevron on the instagram lately and decided to join it. Darn me for doing it free hand...I actually wanted to use @teismom chevron vinyls but the vinyls are the wide chevron type I wanted to paint the thinner and longer chevron so free hand it was. Such regret, much sad. It turned out alright on the pointer finger but the rest were terrible. The lines were so thick and rough and bumpy. *cries* On the bright side, I have to say it's pretty good considering that I was painting my princess hand. :P

That's it for this post! 

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