Monday, July 6, 2015

An Early iScream Birthday!

Hey guys! 

Soooo someone really sweet has given me my birthday present SIX months in ADVANCE! Can you guys guess what it is? I think you cannnnnn!!!

Woo hoo! Six iScream nails polishes! This sweet girl came back from Melbourne with a extremely sugary surprise! I actually almost bought the polishes until she told me not to! 

From the left: Bubblegum Bang, Mint Madness, Grape Soda 

From the left: Blue Heaven, Grasshopper Pie, Juicy Juicy 

I'm not the type to swatch polishes in one day because if it's pretty then I don't want to waste it. I have a plan now to swatch and do some nail art before moving to the next colour. If you follow my instagram @chronosz or read the previous post then you would have seen this mani. 

This was done using iScream nails Blue Heaven. 

So look forward to the swatches. :)

That's it for this post!

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