Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thirsty for Grape Soda

Hey peeps! 

Here's another swatch from the iScream Nails set. This polish is called Grape Soda. Sounds tasty no?! Another colour under the pastel neons category. 

At first, it strikes me of a more magenta shade then it just seems pinkish violet. I would say this is quite a unique colour. 

This is three coats of Grape Soda over a coat of OPI Alpine Snow. As per the other polishes, I wouldn't call them streaky but two coats just ain't enough. 

Here's the nail art I did to go with the polish. I was aiming for a more flowery theme...sis-in-law said it reminded her of henna. 

I think this shot of the mani is pretty good. Hopefully, it means that I'm getting used to the new shooting arrangements. :)

That's it for this post!

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