Friday, December 21, 2012

X'Mas '12 - Prezzies

Hey nail art lovers! ^^
Are you all done with your Christmas shopping yet?
I bet you aren't!! =P
Do you wrap your presents in bright green wrapping paper and tie it with a bright red ribbon? Maybe some of you do and some of you don't. 

Christmas colours are definitely red and green to me. 
Classic never gets old. How ironic.

Here's my Prezzie mani.

I really like this mani! 
I wish I would get a Christmas present wrapped like this XD
Wouldn't it be awesome?! 

Somehow...these days...I've been thinking of doing manis for other people but so far I've only done manis for friends and family. The main reason I don't what to do it to strangers is because I usually take a long time to paint depending on the design. Wouldn't it be so embarrassing to make your customer sit for like 4 hours straight while I paint her nails? Doing my own nails is one thing since I actually enjoy it but sitting down and doing nothing is just frustrating >< 

Sorry about the small rant peeps.
Needed the let out! 

Happy Holidays All!

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Here's one my best sellers!

Antique Silver Infinity Pluggy w/o Chain

One of my buyers told me that she bought this for her best friend as a Christmas present!
I was so happy when she shared it with me though the reason she started a convo with me in the first place was because her package hadn't arrived yet. In the end, the package was at the post office waiting to be collected =P 

If you guys haven't found a present yet for anyone.
If anyone at all, then how about this?

It makes me happy when you guys and everyone else out there likes my nail art designs and the accessories that I make!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

X'Mas '12 - A Sweet Candy Cane Christmas

What pops into your head when someone says Christmas?
How about candy canes!!

Christmas is just not complete unless you have had a candy cane! 
I remember this one Christmas when my aunt brought home a gigantic candy cane for me and it took me months to finish it! MONTHS!! It was THAT big >< 

Here's a candy cane mani that's a bit too big! 

Not sure if you guys can tell from the pics but I used wayyyyyyy too many layers of polish for this mani although it looks like a pretty normal french has 15 layers of polish ><
Why 15?
It's because I was really excited on trying out the jelly mani thing since I got a set of OPI mini NYC Ballet Petites and it ended up like that...

In the end, I could actually peel them off my nail completely intact as it was!
I forgot to take a pic of them tho ><

Oh well!
So as a reminder to you! Go get some candy canes and share them around!

X'Mas '12 - A very Domo Christmas

Jingle bells~ Jingle bells~
It's sounds like it's going to be a very merry Christmas!
You know why?
Because for the first time in my life, I'm going out for Christmas dinner with my boyfriend and friends! though it's a few days earlier 

Speak of the devil! 
I got the inspiration for this X'Mas mani from one of the girlfriends I'll be having dinner with! XD
You see rite...she was wearing this Domo t-shirt when we went out a while back then I kept staring at it for some reason then it finally hit me!! I should paint Domo Christmas nails!! XD 
So that's how this mani came to be! =D

Kinda failed on the floppy Christmas hats tho >< 
Oh well!! Domo is still Domo in the end and he is excited for X'Mas!! 


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X'Mas '12 - Santa Claus is coming to town~

Merry Christ...oops a little too early huh XP
Oh well!

As promised, here comes a Christmas mani! XD

Santa Claus is coming to town~~~tonight~~~ 
Santa nails is what I have on my nails now XD
I kinda made the belt a little too big thus only 2 button on his coat. LOL 
I think the gold sash and the initials on the buckle give it a nice touch no? 

Here's one mani! 
Keep an eye out on the others!


Hey there everyone.
Before I post up any Christmas designs I have to ask...
Have you heard about the Newton incident?
I'm pretty slow on these kinds of news but better late than never rite?
I was pretty shocked at what happened but what can't happen in this messed up world we live in now? 
Newton may be one of the big ones but we have to be aware that there are smaller and sometimes more terrible incidents happening out there. 

Nail artists on instagram have been passing on the hashtag #nailsfornewton around, asking nail art fans to paint white nails to pray for the poor children and others from the Newton incident that did not make it home for Christmas this year.

So here's my prayer for them...

I don't know why I haven't thought of this design before but it goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere...even in sadness....

FYI: The second pic is to show the glitter on the pinky finger since the effect in the first pic made it unnoticeable. 

Let their souls find peace...


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas is here a year later!

Hello nail art lovers!! 
I haven't blogged since the end of November it seems.
Have you guys been following my instagram @chronosz ? 
If you haven't then shame on you! Why?
Because all the Christmas designs are coming out!! XD

Any of you were following my blog last Christmas? 
If you were, you would know that I did the 
12 Days of Christmas Challenge.
Here's a recap of all the mani's I did last Christmas!
I'll include the links for all of them too ^^

Phew!! That was a lot of links! XP
So anywayz...for this Christmas I thought I would do a 
Christmas Nail Wheel!! Weeeeeee

I painted the designs that I had already painted on my nails first ^^
This is just a preview for you guys cause I would rather have different posts for each mani! XD

See you guys in the next X'Mas post!!