Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hey there everyone.
Before I post up any Christmas designs I have to ask...
Have you heard about the Newton incident?
I'm pretty slow on these kinds of news but better late than never rite?
I was pretty shocked at what happened but what can't happen in this messed up world we live in now? 
Newton may be one of the big ones but we have to be aware that there are smaller and sometimes more terrible incidents happening out there. 

Nail artists on instagram have been passing on the hashtag #nailsfornewton around, asking nail art fans to paint white nails to pray for the poor children and others from the Newton incident that did not make it home for Christmas this year.

So here's my prayer for them...

I don't know why I haven't thought of this design before but it goes to show that inspiration can come from anywhere...even in sadness....

FYI: The second pic is to show the glitter on the pinky finger since the effect in the first pic made it unnoticeable. 

Let their souls find peace...


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