Tuesday, December 18, 2012

X'Mas '12 - A Sweet Candy Cane Christmas

What pops into your head when someone says Christmas?
How about candy canes!!

Christmas is just not complete unless you have had a candy cane! 
I remember this one Christmas when my aunt brought home a gigantic candy cane for me and it took me months to finish it! MONTHS!! It was THAT big >< 

Here's a candy cane mani that's a bit too big! 

Not sure if you guys can tell from the pics but I used wayyyyyyy too many layers of polish for this mani although it looks like a pretty normal french mani...it has 15 layers of polish ><
Why 15?
It's because I was really excited on trying out the jelly mani thing since I got a set of OPI mini NYC Ballet Petites and it ended up like that...

In the end, I could actually peel them off my nail completely intact as it was!
I forgot to take a pic of them tho ><

Oh well!
So as a reminder to you! Go get some candy canes and share them around!

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