Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween 2012

Elo everyone! XD 

So I'm currently in Sydney for a week for a short holiday before flying back to Malaysia for the summer! XD And before the holiday I had to stop painting me nails cause I ran out of Mavala nail polish remover!! D8 I can see the shock in your eyes! I tried getting a temporary substitute a.k.a Cutex and it was the WORST decision of my LIFE!! I felt like I lost a day of my life each time I used it >< 

In the end, couldn't paint my nails for 3 weeks! D8 The shock!! and it's been doing bad things to my nails and cuticles!! BAD THINGS I TELL YOU!! Hell why am I telling you when I can show you?!

Horrible isn't it >< Nail broke and cuticles are dry like mad TT

Since I won't be able to paint the nail design I planned for Halloween in time for it so I thought I might as well post up some of the mini Halloween designs that I've already done XD If you want to get instant updates on nail designs and the deteriorating condition of my nails then follow my instagram at @chronosz but I have to warn you that there's more than nails in my instagram XD

 Without further a do!!!


Bloody drip nails

Star of david mani

So these are the two manis that I kinda painted for Halloween XD Hope you guys like it XD 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

SHINEE Dazzling Girl Inspired Mani

I am such a bad person ><
I haven't blogged since the beginning of August and it's already October...
I have been painting regularly but I haven't been posting it here ><
If you guys are curious of the mani's I've been doing since the last post...well you can follow my instagram @chronosz or you can wait till I actually get down to making a collage of them XD

So here's my Nail of the Day (NOTD) inspired by SHINEE's Dazzling Girl MV!

Sadly, I couldn't find proper pics of the inspirations lol so I'm just gonna tell you! XD

The pointer finger is inspired from Key's outfit! 
The middle finger is the feathery thing from Jonghyun's outfit.
The ring finger is from the background at the beginning of the MV!
The pinky finger is inspired from the puffy pink scarf I think that the girl wears.

Here's the MV if you haven't seen it XD

Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did! XD