Sunday, December 25, 2011

X'Mas Mani 07 - Snow Love

I know I've been slow with updates...><"
I was having a Boys Over Flowers marathon! =P friend Huey you guys remember her?
She was in my first post!
Yeah! This girl! XD

She had a X'Mas Eve wedding to attend and asked me to paint her nails for her! ^^
After a bit of googling we decided on snowflakes and snowmen! =)

She took this photo while I was painting her nails! 
Great composition! =)

Finished product! 
Snowflakes and...

My hand shook when I was painting the thumb so it ended up being a vampire snowman! =P

I had fun painting the snowmen for her so I picked snowmen for the next design! ^^

Ignore my awful cuticles please >< 
I've been looking for a good brand of cuticle oil...
This photo was taken under my reading lamp...
I'll upload a better photo tomorrow...

I just really wanted to make it for Christmas XD

Snow people in love =) 
Didn't really know how to draw a female snow person though =S

Till the next design!

Merry Christmas All! 


P/S: Here's the clearer photo I was talking about earlier! =)
This was taken in sunlight!

Oh! Here's a close up on the middle finger design! =)

Can someone recommend a good brand of cuticle oil?
Uber need it as you can see ><


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Lum Huey Shan said...

HOMYGAWDDS, I really like the snowman design! So adorable! :D