Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X'Mas Mani 09 - A Christmas Story

Hi All! XD 
If you were checking the 12 Days of X'Mas checklist you'd know that the next mani on the list is 'A Christmas Story'!
I didn't really know what it meant by 'A Christmas Story' and when I goggled it, this popped out...

I haven't watch this movie before so I had no idea what to paint for this mani =(
So I just mixed and matched colours! =)

Green Crackle over Bright Yellow!! XD
I absolutely LOVE this combo!! 

The lighting was so nice here! =)

Close up on my thumb! 
I wish my thumb nail would grow faster! >< 
Christmas is a long word...=(

The next mani is the last for Christmas...or is it...>=D


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