Friday, December 16, 2011

X'Mas Mani 02 - Sweet Candy Canes

Welcome back to X'Mas Manis!

This time I decided on candy canes!
I wish I had one now...

As you can see I did some water marbling for this design!
This is the second time I've attempted water marbling 
and am quite proud of myself right now =)

I got the idea after a friend of mine posted 
a tutorial by cutepolish on my facebook!

I thought candy canes were the perfect excuse to do it 
but it didn't come out as I wanted but still AWESOME! XD

I painted a coat of OPI's Alpine Snow on all my nails beforehand.
I used Sally Hansen's Emerald Green and Elianto's Chili Red to do the marbling.
For the other nails, I painted a coat of Sasatine's G683 for the x'mas glitter! 
Then I painted the stripes using the same colours for the marbling!

I had to do the marbling a few times before I got a pattern I liked! 
Marbling is hard...I guess that means I need more practice! =P

What design shall I attempt next?
Keep following and find out!


1 comment:

:) said...

Very cute! I have so much difficulty with water marbling too :P. Yours turned out really nice though :D