Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

Hi Everyone! I know I'm kinda slow with updates now but at least I'm still updating! =P is the WINTER SOLSTICE!!!

As a chinese we celebrate today with dinner with family and tong yuen!! =)
As you all know by now that I like painting my nails according to occasion so...

Ta-da!!! I got the inspiration by the bowls we used for the tong yuen! =)

Oh! You're all probably wondering what 'tong yuen' is rite!! XD
Literally translated it would be...sugar round? mum says sugar balls tho =P

This is tong yuen!! XD Uber yummy~~
And here's the mani that goes with it!

As usual my right hand has posing issues
I tried painting tong yuen but it didn't come out so well ><

I had fun with this mani so...NO REGRETS! XD

This is my fav photo among it all! =)

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! 



Anonymous said...

These look awesome! Great photos!

-Chronosz- said...

Haha^^ Thanks dear!