Monday, December 26, 2011

X'Mas Mani Fever

After painting Huey Shan's nails that day...
another friend of mine wanted me to paint her nails! XD

I asked her what she wanted me to paint but she had a hard time deciding...
So what do we do? 
Ask Uncle Google!! XD

In the end it was snowflakes, Christmas trees and stars! XD

Sorry I couldn't get a better photo since we did it at night! =P

I took this with my looks sooooo much better right ><
I so need a better digital camera...=(

Oh! 2 more things I need to tell you guys!!
1. I've updated the photos for the 'Snow Love' post.
2. I've already painted 'Dickens Christmas Carol' themed nails.
I shall post it up tomorrow when I take a better photo of them! XD

Till tomorrow! 


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