Thursday, September 12, 2013

Konad noob in the house!

Konad noob here!
Ha ha ha ! 

Hey guys!
I got a whole bunch of konad plates from and is super into trying to stamp stuff on my nails now!

This is my nail mail from that day! Konad plates, studs, brushes and was surprised to find an extra hello kitty nail decal as a gift!

Here's my NOTD!
This is actually NOT my first time using konad plates.
I tried it out when I firstly started doing nail art...which was around 3 years ago... fast do the years past!
I wasn't all that good at it back then and I don't think that I'm any good at it now either.
I do think that this came out pretty nicely! =)

For the base, I used Dotti Light Blue!
I just grabbed this off the store counter because it was so pretty and absolutely NO regrets whatsoever! Light blue is a great polish which is easy to apply, opaque and even in 2 coats, and does not stain!
The pattern is from the konad plate M65.

I couldn't help myself from trying out the plates as soon as I could.
Behind the scenes notes; while I had the football mani on my left hand, I had a different mani on my right!
Kinda hard to see the clouds. Mostly because it wasn't stamped well and there isn't much of a contrast between the colours. I just thought it would match and it would look cute! ^^

I used this plate for this mani.
Sorry for the unrefined edges of the plates.
Been experimenting with Photoshop which obviously did not come out well.
Oh well! Live and let learn!

If you guys haven't tried out konad then I suggest you do! 
It's pretty fun and simple to use. 
That's it for this post!

P/S: I've already painted the next mani for @californails #Nailartsep 13!
Look forward to it! 

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