Monday, September 30, 2013

#Nailartsep 22 - Nature

Hey guys...
I feel like *flip table*-ing on myself! 
I wrote on instagram that I would post this the day after challenge but no such thing...
I can't really recall why the mani is so bad, I know there were multiple things going wrong the day before thus the horrible effort nature mani. obviously I am still experimenting with the konad plates.
FYI! I received my parcel from Bundle Monster and am in LOVE with the patterns! ^^
I think among all the nails, the little finger looks the most presentable.

I wish that I could finish all my assignments so that I could concentrate on nail art but that's just me dreaming! Another 3 more weeks and another life challenge is waiting for me after that! Nail art will forever be my salvation from the hardships of life. Although, you can tell what kind of mood I'm in from the details of the mani! =P

Anywayz, I am 3 posts late with @californails #nailartsep challenge so I better get to blogging!

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