Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bunny mouse?

Hello all! 

So how've you all been? 
Enjoying the holidays?
Am I being overly nice?
Yes, yes I am! 

Ok enough with the weird stuff.
So my brother and sis-in-law have been going to a bunch of dinners lately so my sis-in-law asked me, 

"Eh! When can you paint my nails ah? Remember the bunny nails I shared to you on Facebook? Can draw that ah?"

...ok so that isn't EXACTLY what she said but something along those lines =P

Yeah! So I drew some samples for her before attempting the actual thing since I couldn't find the photo she shared.

Had to pick the background colour too...couldn't really see the background colour in the end though ><'s the final product XD

Without filter

With filter

All photos were taken using instagram!
Do follow me yeah ^^

Her nails were more square-ish so the ears ended up a little too short thus making them look like little fat white mice XD 

All in all, still cute =D

Don't you love that feeling when you paint someone else's nails and the design comes out nicely ^^


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