Sunday, August 5, 2012

Blast into the past

Long time no see everyone!! 
I'm sorry I haven't been posting much >< 
I've been busy with classes and stuff and kinda lazy too...
I'm currently in Melbourne now doing the final year of my degree! ^^

I've checked my list and I've got like 10+ manis to post up D8
So here's from where I left off! 
I did this mani at the end of June. 

OK! So I got the inspiration for this from a book!
You know those really old leather cover books with the gold fonts?!
I found it so pretty that I just had to paint it =)

Took pics of it with one of my necklaces...looks good yeah XD

Well! Here's to my come back post!! 
Shall watermark the rest of the pics so that I won't have an excuse not to post anymore! XD


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