Monday, April 23, 2012

Teenage Dream Overload!!

Elo elo!! XD
So my friend Alison came over that day and I painted her nails!!! XD 
I let her choose the colours and she chose 
OPI Bubble Bath and Teenage Dream!! XD

I took this with Instagram!! XD 
Sooooo addicted to it and a lot of other photo apps on my Iphone! =P
A simple mani goes a long way!! 

Look at the happy girl with her nails done!! XD

After I did her nails, I really wanted to use teenage dream too and 

I forgot to take photo with my camera before I removed it ><
I took this with my Iphone too LOL
Half pastel pink and half teenage dream! ^^

There's this girl that take awesome photos on instagram 
and I was trying to imitate her photo!
Didn't really turn out that nice tho ><
Oh well!!
So I really went all out on the teenage dream!! XD
See you at the next mani!

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