Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty2U Magnetic Polish Review

Hi Everyone!!
So...there's been a lot of talk about 'Magnetic Polish' these past few months...
As usual I just had to try it!! XD I bought a bottle of Pretty2U Magnetic Polish from this small nail art booth at Time Square a few weeks ago and I didn't notice that I hadn't blogged about it till now...sorry!! ><"


Can you see the lines on the polish? 
That's basically what magnetic polish is like...to my knowledge there are 5 patterns that can be made with different magnets of course. The magnet I got wasn't powerful enough though...that's why some of the lines on some of the nails are not so apparent >< I really like the colour that I picked out! It's sorta raspberry-ish ain't it! XD Oh! The polish brush is super thick and spread really well!! I could paint my entire nail in a single swipe! 8D 
I wish other polishes had this type of brush XD 

Magnetic polish...not really something that I would buy again since I don't really like the singular pattern gig...=S I would rather do nail art than have single colours on my nails! =) If any of you are planning on getting magnetic polish then I suggest you get a really good magnet first! =P


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