Friday, March 9, 2012

Dye It Right

Hey All!! 
Sorry I haven't been updating and all but I had a lot to do and I was recently in a traffic accident forgive me ><

So! I did this mani a while ago...probably a week ago =P

So this is my left hand...I used Color Combo's CBL104 a.k.a. white polish as the base and stamped 4 different colours on top! ^^ It kinda looked like a 'dyed T-shirt'...ya know...the ones where you take a plain white T and dip it in cloth dye to form a pattern on the shirt XD Hence the title! =P

This is obviously my right hand...I didn't want to do the same colour and pattern so opted for green and yellow a way =P

This actually all started because I wanted to try out this stamping technique this korean nail blogger uses...again...i lost the link to her blog cause my lappie crashed on me...AGAIN!!! sighhh i'll TRY to remember to save the link the next time I find it....sighhhhh she uses a 'i think' NOT cosmetic sponge cause you can see the texture in her photo tutorials and it soooo does not look the same as mine ><

I usually use cosmetic sponges and it sometimes peels off when it's too wet and the texture changes thus changing the pattern of the polish when I stamp it on my nails >< So...what I did was went out and looked for a relatively HARD sponge and I found one! I really wanted to try it out!!

Check out my sponge and nails when I was doing the stamping XD

Messy eh...well...nothing a little cleaning can' fix XD 

Hope you liked this somewhat tutorial/advice/nail art post! XD

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