Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Comeback!

MIA-ed like mad!!! ><"
So here's my big nail art comeback!!!! XD


Weeee Hello Kitty!! My nails finally grew enough to do the french mani! ^^
The Hello Kitty mani has been on my 'To-do list' for quite some time now so I'm quite happy that I finally got to do it XD
Oh! I also got to use the 3D ribbons that I bought specifically for this mani! =P
Super proud of this!! 

Here's a close up on the kitty on my thumb nail! XD

I actually wanted to use this hello kitty on my right hand but alas the this was wayyyy too big for my tiny nails >< so instead I used it on my iphone cover! It matches pretty well don't you think! ^^

I have a couple more mani's that I haven't posted up and...
Oh! My nail polish spree finally arrived so I can finally do TWO mani's that I've been wanting to do for some time now! XD 
Expect more swatches as well!! 

MIA gal!

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