Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hey everyone!!! I'm finally back to posting after my Singapore shopping trip! 
I got some polishes from Singapore and shall be doing the swatches SOON!

Other than that...MY NAIL POLISH ORDER ARRIVED!! ^^
That means I have MORE colours to swatch for you guys 
and MORE designs to try out! 

There is also the fact that Chinese New Year is coming up!!
I've already got a few designs I'm planning on doing for the occasion!! XD

Anywayzzz...I didn't want to go to Singapore with bare nails so I painted something I THOUGHT would last me the week...
it didn't even last 2 days in the end cause of my itchy fingers...=(

Decided to do a blue gradient! =)
Gradients usually last a long while because 
of the glitter unless you do it without glitter XD
I've done a red gradient before...

There it is! XD 
Nails were shorter then! 
Turned out pretty nice especially since I had the shades to do it! XD

Well! That's it for this post! MORE to come!! ^^


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