Saturday, January 21, 2012

The giving never stops~

I've been experimenting with cherry blossom designs for Chinese New Year!
I'll be posting up a video tutorial for them soon! =)
Gonna be my first video tutorial so I'm pretty excited! 
I hope I can finish and upload it before CNY ends! ^^

For now...let me share with you guys more GIVEAWAYS!
Yes! I said it! More giveaways!
It's not my fault I keep stumbling onto them! =P
I swear I found them all by coincidence! 

There are no extra points for me for blogging these giveaways 
but I thought I'd share them anyway! =)

1. The Nailasaurus Mini Giveaway

Sammy is having a mini giveaway to celebrate her 2500 followers! =)
Congratz girl! 

The prizes?

Left to right:

NYC Prince Street (see it here)
NYC Pier 17 (see it here)
Rimmel Purple Reign (see it here)

NYC Top Coat

(All brand new)

The deadline is 9th February 2012!!


2. The Polish Perfectionist New Year Giveaway

Amy is having a giveaway to celebrate the new year! XD
Sadly...I can't enter her giveaway since I live in one of the
 'might not receive package' countries =)

The prize?
Hits No Olimpo collection (from left to right): Hermes, Artemis, Poseidon, Hera, Apolo, Zeus, Hefesto (top coat), Atena, Hestia, DionĂ­sio, Afrodite, Ares & Demeter. The bottles pictured are mine, the winner will receive brand new unopened bottles.

The deadline is on the 28th of January!


Good Luck to All!


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