Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Watermelon anyone?

There was watermelon at home so I guess I got kinda inspired =P
I haven't tried watermelon nails before so I experimented a bit =)

I'm starting to really like taking my nails from this angle!

This was my first design...the fimos didn't stick well >< 
Some fell out when I was asleep and I had to stick others on to replace them =(
The seeds were a challenge for me since blacks didn't really look like seeds...
I didn't know where to position them either =S
All in all it came out well XD

I took this right after I painted them...
Not so clear when I take the photo under my table lamp =(

This is under sunlight...
As usual my right hand has posing issues! >=/

This the second design I did...I think the plain watermelon skin nails are nice...
but the sliced watermelon design looks kinda weird to me =S

This is it for this post!
Tell me which design you prefer! XD


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